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Home https://server7.kproxy.com/servlet/redirect.srv/sruj/smyrwpoii/p2/ US https://server7.kproxy.com/servlet/redirect.srv/sruj/smyrwpoii/p2/ Dames said that the Attorney General had undermined Trump's credibility

Dames said that the Attorney General had undermined Trump's credibility

Democrats blamed Prosecutor General on Thursday William Barr William Pelham Barr Clapper: Barr Spy's statement "awesome and terrible" Demos sounds anxiety over a nominee for the Ministry of Justice Budowski: Barr, Muller, Rosenstein playing in President Trump Donald John Trump Network launches campaign to oppose Tramp's proposed gas tax Trump complains that the EU is "so tight" on Brexit Inslee knocks Trump for the comments of the wind turbine More Attacks on F R after he testified before, he considers whether US officials improperly "spying" for the 2016 campaign.

They warned that Barr undermined his authority, using a language that reflects Trump and his allies. Given the real information that Russia interfered in our election, they certainly should look into it, this is part of their work, "said Sen. minor Charles Sumer (DN.Y.) from Sen." That Mr. Barr denoted it as espionage, repeating some of the worst conspiracy theorists in the country, he loses confidence and that trust is vital, "said Sumer.

Democratic legislators said they plan to ask Barr for more clarity about what he meant by using the word "espionage" when he returns to testify to the special advocate of Robert. Muller completed the investigation next month.

"I can not wait," said Sen. Little Hirono Little Keiko HironoHillicon Valley: House Voting for Restoration of Neutrality Rules | GOP legislators were lying on Twitter, Facebook for alleged censorship | Amazon workers pushing the company to climate The bill is aimed at algorithmic displacement | Yahoo pay 7M in violation of the GOP settlement Legislators were lying on Twitter, Facebook, due to alleged bias, Dems face pressure on the left to intensify the "Blue Lag" trial more (D-Hawaii), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. – The Attorney General knew exactly the import of the words he used. And this was another gift to this president. "

She called Barra's note on four pages, summarizing Muller's "first gift" report. left Trump in the net. Although Barr in his letter quoted from Muller's report directly said that he did not release Trump from the problem of impeding justice, Trump said he was fired.

Democrats were more and more upset by the fact that Müller's report remains sealed. This week, Barr informed that the next week of Congress will be edited an edited version. . He also wrote that Muller had not found evidence of a conspiracy between the campaign of Trump and Moscow.

Trump on Thursday took Barra's comments as an excuse, stating that he "absolutely" thinks that "unprecedented" was spying on his campaign. 19659006] "My campaign was completely spies," Trump told reporters at the Oval Office during a meeting with the president of South Korea. – I'll go even further. In my opinion, this is illegal espionage, unprecedented espionage and something that could never have been allowed in our country again.

Sen. Christopher Coons Christopher (Chris) Andrew Kuhn Menendez, Rubio manages the Senate's efforts to regulate Venezuelan sanctions Democratic questions State Department decision to recall critique Senate Dema calls Trump to apologize for attacks on McCain [D-Del.]One more a member of the judicial committee, said he was surprised at the fact that Barr, who previously served as general prosecutor under George H.V. Bush used the inflammatory term "espionage".

"The word" espionage ", especially in the context of spamming through the Trump campaign, has very negative connotations," said Kuens. "I was shocked that an institutionalist, like Barr, was engaged in such an inflammatory language."

Barr made remarks during testimony before the Senate Subcommittee when he said that he would "reconsider the genesis and conduct of intelligence activities aimed at

" I think that spying on a political campaign is a big deal, "said Barr

Barr later attempted to clarify his statement by saying that he wanted to see if something was wrong.

"I do not say that there was an incorrect observation," said Barr. "I say that I worried about it and looking at it, it's all. "

Inspector General Despatr The Justice Department, Michael Horowitz, has been investigating whether the FBI has properly filed an application for a warrant to supervise former trustee counselor Truman.

Trump Conservative Allies accused representatives of the Justice and FBI of a biased attitude to Trump during a 2016 campaign that led to an order to the observation of a page based on most unconfirmed studies of the so-called Stila dossier compiled by a former British intelligence officer. Stila's profile is a collection of notes that contain statements about the relationship between Trump and the Russian government.

Another investigation by Horowitz revealed that the agents who worked on the investigation of Russia's interference in elections and on the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Sunders set a bar for 2020 when Medicare of all "Money – represented by a network of job-creating creators – Treasury CCP Senate's opposition grows | The demos challenge the bank to general directors for post-crisis reform Barr's experience opens new partisan struggle for the FBI spying on Trump More messages are exchanged text messages critical to Trump. But he did not find any evidence that their views influenced the decisions taken during the Clinton investigation.

Trump resumed his appeal to investigate the sources of the investigation of his 2016 campaign, which led to the investigation of Muller calling prospective surveillance

"This is a dirty policy." It's really a betrayal. This is a very bad thing that people have done. And I just hope that the law enforcement agencies will accept this, because if they do not, they are

Democrats said that Barra's comments are an attack on the FBI.

"I was expecting a better guy with a reputation that he would not be so unconditionally undermine the specialists of the Ministry of Justice and F R. And I think it was extremely disappointing, "said Mark Warner. Kielander worries about Nielsen's withdrawal | McConnell calls the bill on net neutrality" dead after arrival "| Facebook changes conditions for EU data Senate duo introduces bipartisan bill on social prohibition Media of "Dark Models" MORE (Va.), Senior Intelligence Senior Democrat Senate

Centrist Sen. Joe Manching Joseph (Joe) ManchinCongress Ready to Deal with Climate Change Night of Energy: Two-Party Senate Group looking for more techs carbon capture logos | Demos wants documents on lobbying work on the Internet. | Officials are trying to produce more electric vehicle batteries in American senators who want the "maximum possible" funding for carbon capture technology MORE (V.Va.), who was one of the three Democrats who voted for Barr's confirmation.

"I think it was a terrible language choice, and it was a terrible statement that came from our general prosecutor," Manching said on CNN's New Day on Thursday.

The Republicans diminished Barr's word choice.

"There are several definitions for him. One is investigating intelligence. But it can not be denied that both the Clinton campaign and the Trump campaign were investigated by the FBI, John Kennedy John Nile Kennedymore (R-La.), Senate Judiciary Member.

Sen. Marco Rubio Marco Antonio Rubiosenate confirms Truman's choice for the ambassador in Saudi Arabia Dames is accused of having retaliated for voting for hurricane relief.) However, he admitted that "espionage" was an inflammatory word for use Barr.

"I mean, the terminology is loaded, and if it should have been To do it again, I think that the word espionage would not be used. But, of course, observation, "said CNN's Rubio.

Former director of the FBI James Comey James Brin ComeyDems Anxiety sound over the top candidate of the Justice Department Barr testimony opens a new guerrilla warfare for the FBI spying on the team of Trump Barr to investigate the actions of the FBI in Russia. saying on Thursday that he "does not know" what Barr was referring to, saying that "espionage" was on Trump's campaign. But Roamie warned that Barr's reputation could be damaged by such a language.

"Perhaps the only thing I can say at all – I think that his car brought him the presumption that he would be one of the rare members of the cabinet. who will stand for things like truth, facts, and institutional values, "Edmie said Thursday at the Hewlett Foundation conference.

"So, I still think that he is entitled to this presumption. Such a language complicates it, but I still believe that he is entitled to this presumption, "Comey said.

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