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Cranial Session: Dwayne Hashkins wants a Ohio tank Kuartbeck Tendent, Jonathan Hankins and Bradley Robie are looking for new teams and Gin Smith owns Michigan

I do not feel that I have earned the authority to announce games that are necessary for victory, but this is probably as equally as necessary as in the regular season.

Bucks lost his home in Illinois if they (at least partly) do not compensate for the victory over the home team, then their hopes for the NCAA tournament are likely to be cooked.

Here is the Justin Arena dagger, who sent Franck McCaffrey and his back to Iowa City with L.


The word of the day: Sangfroid.

WRITTEN TERRITORY. If you do not count extremely short, though impressive, professional Sheng Falko football players, Buckeye signal subscribers did not have much success at the next level.

Two of the last four to do this in NFL are currently receivers, while the other two are rarely on active lists. The only one ever elected in the first round of the NFL project has started only six games before the passion for gambling has pushed him away from football.

History is not impressive, but Dwayne Hashkins wants to hold back this trend.

By Bill Rabinowitz Columbus Dispatch:

"I'm not really worried about not having a strong NFL defender from Ohio," he said in December. ̵

1; I know what I can do. I know how much I can and how much work I can put to get where I want to be. I want to be the first (to succeed).

This may be important for Ohio what he is doing. Part of the reason for the absence of the leading Quartergers of the OSU in the NFL is that historically, the Baccae offensive schemes have not been developed for their production. Schlichter, under the coach of Earle Bruce, was the first defender of the OSU to play a crime that used the passage widely.

I would really like my defender to be successful in college than the NFL, but there is no reason that success on both levels was not possible.

And if I'm completely honest, there is a part of me that is very worried by Michigan to claim the best defender of all time after they somehow only developed it in the sixth round.

I want to say that I would very much like Dwayne to ignite the NFL fire in the same way that he lit Michigan, and book books about the Great Tent lit up his lonely season as a college starter.

BUCKEYE NFL VETS BY MOS. Most of our offseason attention was focused on the NFL Project – which is more than fair when Buckeyes have the best player and defender in the project – but there are some Buckeyes veteran looking for new homes as well.

Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling from NFL.com:

25 – Bradley Roby – CB

Robie failed to cope with the magnitude of the photos well after the Akiba Taliban ride, but his sluggish showdown in the contract year should not dampen all his excellent game that preceded this.

79 – Jonathan Hankins – DT

Mother, will travel. The run-plugger veteran went without signing in the first week of last season, but still came out as one of the few bright spots on Auckland's otherwise porous defense.

I did not deal with any of them too closely last season, since I passed the license of Across the Shield to a former trainee, David, but they both had a sufficient enough NFL card by this time. It's hard to imagine that they will not help one team.

In addition, "Have Heft, Will Travel" would be a solid name for the group if I had no framework for a prepubertal athlete.

FATALITY. Gin Smith is not very vocal, in your face is a guy, and he is definitely not the one you expect to be dunking on Michigan through social media.

But he is also not going to miss the golden occasion when he falls to his knee.

My only pity is that it's not a gif, so I just have to imagine an animated confetti leaked on video card

BUSINESS AGENCY. The college football academy is good, in fact!

With the commitment of John Jackson's Rutger offensive, Ryan's Day is now the perfect 2-for-2 in planting a great time graduate trail, knocking out Oklahoma for both of them.

It really did not hit me how much Buckeyes needed it until I wrote my preview piece on lines of attack and trying to bring together the depth in my head. Things would probably work on top, but it quickly got into a terrible area when you got into two depths.

Jackson is likely to start somewhere in the middle, which is a great news, especially if Branden Bowen begins to play.

In addition, for those you follow, it also puts Buckeyes two scholarships above the 85th limit after Kevin Voydke received a scholarship earlier this month.

Pure reading between lines, but you do not give a scholarship at all if you are not sure that you will have one more, so I would expect some exhaustion here at some point in the near future.

COMPLEX HEADING. I hope this is a foreplay of how the game against Iowa will take place tonight, but D & # 39; Angela Russell struck the shots from Queens last night.

to even take these shots remind me of his time at Columbus. I clearly remember how I stood in the student section and moaned loudly when he picked up the impugned shot shortly after crossing half of the court.

He went because, of course, it was.

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