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Chronology of the Tesseract MCU, Captain Marvel, Endgame & More

Nothing here, except us, Flerkens.
Photo: Marvel Studios

In addition to being the star of Carol Dunvers, the hero whom we know, is united with the Avengers at Endgame next month, Widespread Marvel Captain Marvel from Marvel Cinematic Universe does not really become clear to the cinema. If you have a question about it, we are here to help.

As you probably already understood, we will talk about some great spoilers Captain Marvel so that …

There we go. Right, hello, Captain Marvel viewers!

Thus, the mysterious energy Mar-Well studied on Earth as a means of presenting a light stream before her own people hunted her, and what Carol Dunvers gave her incredible power is nothing but a Tesseract – or, as we know now, the structure of containment for a space rock.

And, given that Captain Marvel fills intriguing time in Marvel's film version, he suddenly strengthens the element's path almost in the course of a decade of filming. So, if you were wondering, that's all we know about Tesserakti's journey from ancient times to what we have heard "around the world" Avengers: The War of Infinity . Universe: A large explosion creates six primary elemental features falsified by mysterious creatures known only as cosmic entities in the stones of infinity: time, reality, soul, mind, power and space. The last one we are dealing with here. Avengers: The War of Infinity )

The Galaxy's Guards testify to the record of the Heavens, which possesses the power of power.
Image: Marvel Studios

Ancient History : Several space civilizations, including the Celestial, possess a cosmos stone after its strength is contained in a crystalline cube known as Tesseract (which made, which is still incomprehensible for deterrence). Asgardin ruler Odin eventually encounters Tesseractom and preserves it as a crown jewel of its own vault, filled with space artifacts of indescribable strength. The Guards of the Galaxy )

Approximately 10th century, Norway: Asgardy, purposely or otherwise, leaves Tesseract on Earth in Tensberg, Norway, under the supervision of Asgardians. He remains hidden for centuries until … (19459023) Captain America: First Avengers)

1942, Norway: Johann Schmidt, the agent of Hydra, restores Tesserract from the church in Tensberg during the Nazi the occupation of Norway. He returns it to the headquarters of Hydra, where scientist Arnil Zola falls into his powers to create weapons of mass destruction. Captain America: The First Avengers)

The red skull makes a very big mistake.
Image: Marvel Studios

[1945NorthernLedovitiocean: Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, and Schmidt, now known as the Hydra Supersoladator Red Skull, the Tesseract Battle of the Airship Valkyrie . The ship is on a course to drop nuclear warheads in New York as part of the Red Skull plans for the rule of the Hydra in the world. During the struggle, the Red Skull tries to own the Tesseract itself, causing split in space to teleport it to the planet Wormer. Tesserract burns the hole through the floor and immerses in the ocean. Captain America and the rest of Valkyria will follow her soon, and Cap is frozen in ice for the next 70 years. ( Captain America: The First Avengers)

Undiscovered period shortly after the Second World War, the Arctic Ocean: Former contractor with GDN and the ingenious inventor Howard Stark, looking for the body of Rogers, restores Tesseract on the ocean floor For several years he has been researching for himself. Captain America: The First Avengers)

Howard Stark restores Tesseract.
Image: Marvel Studios

1980s, Nevada: The PEGASUS project, a joint operation between the US Air Force and NASA, is formed after the US government comes into possession of Tesseract. Mar-Vell, a Critical scientist working on Earth, disguises as Doctor Wendy Lawson and gets access to Tesseract, trying to use his power to create an engine that she can provide to Scrullah refugees who are trying to escape from her long-running war with her people. At some point Mar-Vell moves the artifact to its hidden research base in Earth's orbit. Captain Marvel

1989, Nevada: Cree Crew, commanded by Commander Jon-Rogg of Starforce, knocks a test fighter with Tesseract's energy flying Lawson and the United States Captain Carol Dunvers. After the crash, Jon-Rogg kills Lawson, and Dunvers, by destroying the test engine of the ship in an attempt to disable the Yon-Rogga, accidentally absorbs Tesseract's cosmic energy, giving it the unconscious (and also giving it) huge photonic superstate). Jon-Rogg kidnaps Danvers, hoping to extract energy from her, turning her back to the domestic world of "Hala", where her memories are changed, and she believed that Screws was behind her accident. She is trained to be a Starforce agent. ( Captain Marvel )

Captain Carol Dunvers receives a great wave of Tesseract energy, broken into it.
GIF: Captain Marvel

1995, Orbita Earth: Dunvers, escaping Caprine Scrule at the site of an incorrect mission, collapsed on the ground. There she reveals the secret identity of Mar-Vella and her present past, along with SHIELD's Nick Fury agent and favorite pet Mar-Vella, a flock of cat flock called Goose. Restoring Tesseract from Mar-Vella's base in orbit to keep it from Kree's hands, Gus – to the disgust of everyone who says it – keeps Tesseract inside the pocket size in her stomach. Captain Marvel

1995 Unknown location SHIELD: Dunvers leaves Tesseract under the tutelage of the Führer and Husak, the last of which deduces Tesseract directly on the Führer table. It enters the SHIELD guard (hopefully after good purity), where the PEGASUS project revives to explore Tesseract, with SHIELD providing security and advice. ( Captain Marvel )

The powers of Tesseract to open the portal are tested on the common mission of Dark Energy Energy SHIELD and PEGASUS
Image: Marvel Studios

2012, Mojave Desert : Tesseract eventually migrates to SHIELD, where tests are conducted to unlock its energy. Loki, acting on behalf of Thanas, attacks the subject, stealing Tesseract, hoping that he will be able to use it to dominate the Earth itself. (19459025)

2012, New York: Avengers, a team consisting of agents SHIELD Black Widow and Hawkeye, defiled by Captain America, foster brother Loki Thor, inventor Tony Stark (now he works as a hero from the Iron Man Bronze Army) and a scientist who has been processed by gamma, Bruce Banner (who is turning into an Incredible Hulk) is formed by Fury to stop Loki from using Tesseract to open large portals over New York, having introduced an army of reader soldiers in order to secure his rule. They triumph, and Tesseract returns to Asgard Thor, where it is restored to Odin's repositories for the first time in thousands of years. ( Avengers )

2017, Asgard: Loki throws Tesseract from Odin's storehouse before calling elemental Sutour as part of the plan to bring Ragnarok and use the elemental loophole of Asgard to stop rise again awakened goddess of death Asgardy, Hela (sister Thor). Loki, Thor, Valkyrie and Hulk, along with a band of Asgard refugees, run from a destroyed kingdom from Tesseract to a tugboat, aboard the Sacran spacecraft, which is called Statesman . Thor: Ragnarok )

Thanos destroys Tesseract on board Stateman
Image: Marvel Studios

2018, Unknown area of ​​the space: ] was subjected to an attack by Thanas and the Black Order, who entered the ship and killed half of the inhabitants, including Loki. Then Tesseract is crushed by Tnasos, opening up a space rock in it before he attaches it to the Infinite glove. ( Avengers: The War of Infinity )

2018: The journey of Tesseract may end, but there is no cosmic stone. Using it in conjunction with the other Infinite Stones, Thanos throws his fingers, destroying half of all life's existence. Coming to his plans, he uses space rock the last time to travel to an unknown alien world, where he … becomes a farmer? ( Avengers: The War of Infinity The Avengers: Endgame )

The Winter Infinity Gloves, which is now a potentially inert cosmic stone.
Image: Marvel Studios

to say so far, given how little we know about Endgame if a space rock has a future after it seemed to have gone inert after rigging. But at least we know a little more about his past thanks to Captain Marvel – we just have to wait until April 27th to see if there is more to tell about his long story. Make sure you follow us on our new Instagram @ io9dotcom.

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