Manning, who disclosed enormous amount of information to WikiLeaks, was in his speech on Monday by President Obama.

ALEXANDER, Virginia – Chelsea Manning, a former intelligence analyst at the American Army who spent four years in prison for providing secret information to WikiLeaks, may face a lot of times in jail, if she refuses to cooperate on a Thursday investigation, is in contact with an anti-secrecy group.

Manning's lawyers have asked a US District Judge Claude Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia, to cancel a court suit that would force her to testify before a federal grand jury. Her attorneys also ask the judge to instruct the government to disclose whether the government was conducting electronic oversight of her.

Manning must appear before the big jury at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. EDT Thursday

She was convicted of disrespect in March after she refused to testify before a large jury, stating she was against the request, and she had already given the government "great testimony" during her prosecution six years ago. She was released last week after the expiration of the grand jury.

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Manning's lawyers have previously refused to say what kind of information the government is seeking. But last year, federal prosecutors at the same federal district court unintentionally disclosed in court documents that criminal charges were filed against the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

The indictment against Assange was filed under sealing in March 2018 and was promulgated last month, when Assange was arrested in order to face a US-condemned charge. Prosecutors claim that Assange signed a deal with Mennih to steal and publish a large cache of secret files from military computers. They said Assange helped Manning to open the password for access to the Pentagon computer system.

Lawyers at Manning argued that forcing her to testify before a grand jury is not lawful, saying that the great jurors are only for investigation, and not for preparing for a trial in an unfinished criminal case against Assange.

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Complicating US attempts to try Assange is a separate prosecution in Sweden, where investigators have reopened the case. about the rape of an incident that allegedly occurred 10 years ago. The Swedish authorities also applied for extradition.

Assange's arrest came last month after almost seven years of self-proclaimed expulsion at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. He was forcibly detained after Ecuadorian officials abolished his political asylum. A 47-year-old Australian has been applying for asylum at an embassy in 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he was wanted for questioning in a rape case.

Manning's case attracted increased attention because of her status as a transgender soldier. She was sentenced to 35 years in 2013 for her role in the flow of cached classified government materials for WikiLeaks. At that time she was known as Bradley Manning. US President Barack Obama replaced his verdict in 2017.

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