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Cause $ 1 to continue to buy Netflix, one of S & P's hottest stocks

During this week, among the Netflix numbers, there were several fists, as "Roma" videos departed with numerous honors at the Hollywood Oscars.

Although this critical favorite did not get the best picture, some say it's just a matter of time when the company "now and now" will close the door of the old industry and capture this main prize.

Investors Still, had little to complain about the heated particles of Netflix

NFLX, + 0.25%

up 32% this year, and the second on the S & P 500 profit margin, immediately after GE

GE, + 6.39%

. To make sure, some of them have high-altitude sickness, taking into account the trajectory of this market, and the hottest performances of companies such as Netflix.

But wipe the sweat from the eyebrow. Our Day Challenge Piper Jaffray Research Analysts Michael Olson and Yong Kim offer up to $ 1

. To continue to believe and buy a streaming giant.

As you recall, earlier this year, the company announced an increase in subscription tariffs between 13% and 15% for 58 million US subscribers, increasing the value of its most popular plan to $ 13 from $ 11.

Piper surveyed 1100 international Netflix subscribers and found that 50% are willing to pay more than $ 1 a month more than the service. "Increasing the international ASP (average selling price) by $ 1 / mo will have a sharp impact on our estimates for 2020, and all the other levels," they said.

"We expect Netflix to be geographically affected by rising prices, which suggests that rising prices for international markets may take effect, at least in some international markets, at the end of the 19-2020s," analysts said.

Stressing the figures, they say that raising prices could mean 40% increase in shares to more than $ 500, even if only half the increase in return on equity went. They confirmed the rating of overweight and the target price of $ 440. (Incidentally, they also think that the other 50% who said they will not pay more will probably end up paying if the push comes.)

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Netflix stocks closed at $ 363.91 on Monday, so it's clear there are several ways to go if the purpose of Payper is all correct. Of course, some are worried about the fact that it's happening in gambling, given that competitors such as Hulu responded fairly quickly, with lower prices. Analysts said they would observe a more negative reaction from US subscribers, whose number has increased over the last reporting quarter, although it was before the announcement of prices.

Netflix is ​​a major member of the FAANG gang that includes Facebook

FB, + 1.69%


AMZN, + 0.09%


AAPL, + 0.73%

and Google parent alphabet

GOOGL, + 0.07%

is far ahead of the package over the last year when it comes to a share of revenue.

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Some couples seem to come out of the market when trade euphoria disappears and investors are preparing for data and comments by Fed chairman Jerome Powell, who heads the Capitol Hill. Dow

YMH9, -0.49%

S & P 500

ESH9, -0.26%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, -0.45%

The johors are below, after the Monday promotion, which saw Dow

DJIA, + 0.23%

S & P 500

SPX, + 0.12%

and Nasdaq

COMP, + 0.36%

all crept with profits.

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CLJ9, + 0.22%

tries to offset some losses on Monday, and gold

GCJ9, -0.02%

decreased, and the dollar

DXY, -0.14%

Mystery, basically against the yen

USDJPY, -0.27%

and pound

GBPUSD, + 0.6108%

Growing up in Brexit headings.

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of the Asian stocks that came back and even China

SHCOMP, -0.67%

declined to gain. Shares of Europe

SXXP, -0.09%

are substantially reduced.


Data showed that housing began to fall 11% in December, but rising permits hinted at a rebound. Still come, Sheller's housing prices, consumer confidence and new home sales.

Around 9:45 AM, Powell's head of the Fed will appear before members of the Congress, where he should be greeted with open arms. policy switch.

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"Not much or not up." It's a bit disappointing, but that's what strategy strategist Barry Bannister at Stifel Nicolaus now thinks about the S & P 500. Our schedule of the day comes from the party that he sent to clients, outlining this incident.

As Bannister explains, S & P can not go much higher because it will not receive much help from the wage department – the price-income ratio for companies is limited to positive real rates, and profits are sharply slowing down.

"Real Funds Received [rate] – 0.6%, which means the S & P 500, a 12-month p / e [ratio]lags behind 17 times," he said, adding that they see 2019 EPS of $ 162 plus 5 % year over the year compared to Wall Street expectations of about $ 167. The crisis is all that together and he says the S & P 500 looks totally priced at about 2750, which is 17 times its EPS forecast for this year at $ 162. [19659046] Of course, the S & P 500 was trying to achieve a key resistance level of 2,800, which he first started from early November to Monday, but was denied.

The buzz


TSLA, + 1.38%

strikes after SEC appeals to a judge to instruct General Director Elon Mask to be detained in court for a tweet that he sent in mid-February, detailing the production of oppression SEC . In the true musky fashion, he sought to get the last word: "The SEC forgot to read the transcript of Tesla's earnings, which clearly defines 350k to 500k. How inconvenient … "

Home Depot

HD, -1.25%

rejected by results, and AutoZone

AZO, -2.42%

exceeds profits. Macy & # 39; s

M, + 1.25%

will also be reported from Mylan

MYL, -0.93%

due to closure.

Revenue to the home depot and Lowe: Sales from one shop, difficult to shut down, weather

The message of late Monday was Etsy

ETSY, + 4.13%


MOS, + 1.46%

and hertz

HTZ, + 2.77%

whose shares came out after optimistic results. Shake shack

SHAK, -1.21%

Tenet Healthcare

THC, + 0.25%

is also reported. Opinion: Why buying Walmart shares on Amazon is the best bet now

As auto-trade is tense between the US and Europe, Peugeot says that after a long absence she returns to the US state. ] It's not just Powell, who goes to DK today, heads of major pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca

AZN, + 1.37%

AZN, -1.21%

Bristol-Myers Squibb

BMY, -0.65%


MRK, -0.48%

and Pfizer

PFE, + 0.28%

will face the financial committee of the Senate regarding charges for too high drug prices. for transparency + improvement in each part of the supply chain b4 drugs reach patients That's why we have a series of hrgs on this issue in the Financial Management Tmrw is the second such Congress

– ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) 25, 2019

POTUS must touching the ground in Washington later on Tuesday at its second summit with North Korean Kim Jong Un, although it is unclear what it will be a "victory" this time.

they go, and this may be a bad news for some workers with disabilities

A supporter of the TV Univision and his team did not last long in Venezuela after the interview with the press. Maduro

The tension is heated between two major nuclear forces when India launches aviation attack against Pakistan's terrorists

The Amtrak train from nearly 200 passengers in Oregon from a Sunday evening


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