Cardi B and Bruno Mars are undoubtedly a duet hit. "Finesse (Remix)" became an instant defeat and even found two singers on the live stream of 2018. Later they had to get together, but unfortunately it did not happen because of Kardia's pregnancy. However, they recently renewed their "Please Me" song. Obviously, the two artists continue to demonstrate their chemistry with wax, as the song debuted to the top 1

0 Billboard Hot 100.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have another blow at the hands of "Please Me." The song debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, which marks their second first 10th together. "Finesse (Remix)", which previously reached number 3 on the graph. The song began in the first place with the sale of 51K digital songs, which marks the third position of the Cardi, and Mars collects his maiden. . Although it was undoubtedly the main theme of the project. She & # 39; united with Offset for her collage, "Clout". She also recently appeared on the remix of the Blueface Viral Anthem, "Thotiana", which he debuted with the music video.

We recently heard a lot of music from Cardi, which seems to be a promising sign that its further work Invasion Of Privacy is on the way.
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