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Bote keeps blowing up, Bryant gets good points, Rizzo Picks, Triple Play and other cubs

Since long ago I regularly did improved Box Box performances, I need time to quickly get the right ideas for what I want to do, how the game plays, and then collect the work itself. It’s like my spring training for this. But what I didn’t expect to ruin, I put EBS in the Bulls category last night. So if you were wondering where it was last night, here’s where. My bust.

• Entering last night, all of baseball had only two players who had at least five goals and an average exit speed of 100.3 miles from David Bot (Giancarlo Stanton at 106.5 mph) and Jail Davis at 102.0 miles / year). That is, just as he is always at the level of the big league, Bot still knocked shit out of the ball. And then he did it in his one PA last night:

• If it looked like a bullet that flew in a hurry, it was because it was hit at 108.1 mph. He also walked 418 feet. This year’s sample, of course, is tiny, but we’ve talked about Bote before – he tears the ball as hard as someone on the cubs. And after he suffered a broken toe last year (which he suffered in the first series of the year and played), he was imperceptibly one of the best strikers on the team. He just got better. For example, from May 21, Bot got to .270 / .385 / .434 (116 wRC +). After a stellar break, it was .274 / .425 / .393 (120). After August 7, it was .310 / .482 / .452 (154).

• Yes, Bote swings a lot and lacks in his game, but he has no obvious splits, he has great strength, he makes pitchers work, he walks, and so on. The guy can hit. We knew it last year, and he’s showing it again this year. I understand that his main places will be third base (Chris Bryant) and second base (Nico Herner / Jason Kipnis), but the cubs must continue to find ways to put their bat in the lineup. Yes, you choose spots and still limit exposure where appropriate, but it can probably do more. Probably good.

• The Reds returned a couple of boys who came home yesterday, Mike Mustakas and Nick Senzel, who were detained for several days after self-report of symptoms (but otherwise tested negative for COVID-19). When asked about the situation, Chris Bryant received a good answer, and fears that the guys will not want to miss the game by self-reporting:

• Bryant is, of course, right. As we saw with the Marlins, the biggest risk for the season is when the virus enters the club and the team / players do not embrace it until it is too late and it spreads quickly. Testing will help, of course, but we know the limitations.

• Remember how I talked about attackers telling you what they see in the context of no one as much as blinking at Craig Kimbrel’s curve? Here’s what it looks like when attackers can’t tell the shit which step is out of the pitcher’s hand:

• Anthony Rizzo is just so good at first base. You can try this scoop on Jewe’s studded throw 50 times, and 49 times you eat the ball in your face:

• The kids had fun making this GIF “catch” of Chris Brian to start the top three games:

• Of course, Bryant missed a chance in an elusive four-time game:

• What was most interesting to me about Grand Nick Castellanos is how well it is illustrated that the stride may not look too badly insulated (96 mph four-way stitch is much higher than the 1-1 hit zone), but if you miss a mile ( had to be down and run inside), there is probably a reason why she should not have been there:

• Cool balance from Tuesday:

• Think about it and it will become clear:

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