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Blues burned after an irreversible loss in blood pressure to Sharks

ST. Luis – four officials who have accumulated a penalty. Most San Jose Sharks resigned to the locker room, believing that Eric Carlson's goal at 5:23 overtime work had given them a 3rd win and the leader of the 2-1 series in the West Finals finale. None of St. Louis Blues left the bench or ice, believing that there was no chance that these officials could have missed the hand held by the Shark Timo Meyer that led to this goal.

All four of them missed this, marking another challenge in the post-season, which was determined by the judges contradictions and mistakes. Since the video game of the National Hockey League does not include hands-on transfers that lead to goals, the Sharks became winners.

"I really did not get an explanation, except I think there is a different set of rules for two different teams, so I'm sure they will lose sleep this evening after watching," said Captain St. Louis Alexei Pietanguelo after the loss of the blues "San -Hose "that left them on the deck was deceptive ̵

1; at least those who were not on the ice, broke their sticks in anger. [19659007NHLsaidthatasthetransmissionoftheToyoMayer'spartofthesequencesconferredonthevictoryofEricCarlson(above)andnottheonewhocouldnothavebeenseen Scott Rovac / NHLI Getty Images

Over the past few minutes, Meyer slipped into the ice waving his stick. She rejected the defender of St. Louis Colton Parayco and jumped into the air, then into Meyer's chest – and then curtailed it right-handed glove.The blues defender Jay Boumster drove his leg to stop him, but he went down to Gustav Nyquist, who filed Karlson's shot at a shot that had passed by goalkeeper Jordan Binnington. Binnington turned it around catching the glove up and down to indicate that he saw the passage of his hand. The blues remained on the bench and on the ice. Other sharks went to the locker room, after officials indicated that the goal would be to stand.

Binnington wrung his stick with anger. Brayden Shenn did the same thing by breaking it down on the board. Numerous Blues players waved their hands on the bench in disbelief. But the officials left the ice under the lid of the canopy, which protected them from the cups and cans that began to clog the ice rink of the annoyed fans at the Enterprise Center, which by then had seen multiple repetitions of handover on a giant video screen.

In the depths of the arena there were loud expressions of anger. The general manager of St. Louis Doug Armstrong slammed his arm on the door of the dressing room of officials, shouting that the decision was "f — ing garbage."

What did Carlson look at?

We did not play handball, is not it? – he said after the game. "We played hockey, we deserved a victory in this game. At the end of the day, I do not think that any of the teams have attracted a shorter stick for any of the challenges."

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Blues said he had not received any explanation for a call from officials.

"What do you guys think?" Coach of St. Louis Craig Berube asked the media during his press conference.

Several reporters said: "Yes."

"Then do not ask me," he said. I have nothing to say about it.

In an official statement, the NHL said: "Events of this nature are not subject to consideration.

The pool reporter caught up with Kea Whitmore, the NHL bosses for the series, and asked if any of the officials saw how the hand passes.

You you can read the lines You can understand what you want You watched the video, but it's just not browsing I know it sounds like an answer

Could the Toronto Military Room have entered a critical purpose such as this one?

"A way to write rules, any chance to view, all viewed, what can be viewed Do not, "said Vitmor. "But because the rules are currently in place, this can not be viewed." Want to survive the game again? Each play-off match is available for play on ESPN +. Watch Now

Like many other challenges of this post, the debate quickly turned to whether to expand the review to include this kind of game

"Are we going to go there, but?" – said David Perron of the blues . "Yes, this is a hand. The league is going to take care of it as they have during the playoffs."

Shark coach Peter DeBoer donated the dollar.

"This is for [Commissioner] Gary Bettman and GM. Not for Pete DeBore, I'm a coach, do you want to ask me about the game?

The rest of the game seemed secondary to the challenge in the overtime, but it was a huge rally of Sharks.

After San Jose has built 2-0 in the first period, the second period will go down as one of the most daring sessions Blues Alexander Stin scored at Ivan Bogashev's food at 1:18 Joe Thornton scored his second game only through 18 seconds Vladimir Tarasenko faces his first goal after the game 4 against Dallas Stars to cut and up to 3-2. Perron shot one of Jr.'s marches from close range to knock him down, and then scored again from the Brent Burns blue line in the box for connection, one of two fines in regulation, for 4- 3 lead at 18:42, breaking the 0-on-18 series on St. Louis's Powerful Game, Dallas 3 Series.

However, this did not break the sharks, they were preparing Binnington with high-quality chances, with a new goalkeeper doing , as he does, and stood high in the third. But the play-pike meets in both of these registers, and the most reliable paladin shots hit the Shark again: Logan Couture, still having played in games 3, pushed the puck past the Binnington boot on the door when Jones pulled out at 18:59 third. Couture now has 20 points and 14 goals to head the playoffs.

"I think this is one of those playoffs that we will look around for a few years on the go and say something to yourself, which competitor is the leader. You are in the midst of this moment, he just does what he does, "said DeBoer, who also highly praised Johns' play at 15 events in the third period and overtime.

throughout the season from Barry Melrose and Linda Con. Watching ESPN +

Blues tried to quickly turn page in his locker room, and it became echo with a message from the coach.

The team should move on. We all must move from her and get ready for the game 4. Indeed, that's all you can do, "said Bruube." We played a solid hockey match, but we were on the losing side. And we can not do anything about what has happened. We just have to move on. "

" Do you know what? There are several challenges you are going to get. You are not going to get some. Everyone continues to talk about the passage of the hand, so there should have been something there, but at the end of the day, there are calls that go in both directions. This is a playoff. There are disadvantages. They continue to play, they do not try to touch anyone, they really are not. They are good guys, may not always seem like this, but tonight we may have gotten a break, but there were many breaks that go both sides all night, all series. "

One can not but notice the enormity of the breaks that have passed the Shark's path. For the second time in the post-season, a critical challenge has led to a victory in San Jose. In the 3rd game against St. Louis missed the hands that missed officials, which led to a victorious game. In the 7th game against Vegas Golden Knights in the first round, the Sharks were given a semi-final major that they should not have received, rallied with four goals in the third period, and then won overtime

NHL apologized before Vegas for that unfortunate challenge. It remains to be seen if Blues gets a similar meal to the game 4.

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