On Wednesday, Jay Z & Beyonce made headlines after they spoke at the Brit Awards, standing in front of the painting by Meghan Markle. A couple of authorities said that they chose a picture of Megan in honor of the Moon of Black Story, and later Beyonce greeted her with pregnancy at the IG. Beyonce wrote. "We sincerely congratulate you on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy."

Well, thanks to the power of Carter, the picture has since received the tone of publicity, and the person responsible for it does not receive anything. Tim O & # 39; Brian tells TMZ that he was impressed and respected by seeing his art by Carter, but he would still like some compensation.

He did not add that none of the camps, Jay and Beyonce, got into it for permission to use it.

Fortunately, the artist takes it all very cool and is not going to sue Carter, but he's just happy to get public in any way but can admit he does not pay for the bills, but check out his IMZ chat with TMZ (see below).