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Berni Sanders launches second presidential campaign

"I promise to do this as I drive across the country to take on the values ​​we all proud of in Vermont – our belief in justice, in the community, in politics on the ground and in city gatherings – this is what I I am going to be around the whole of this country, "Sanders said in a statement at Vermont Public Radio on Tuesday morning

Sanders is part of the 2020 race as one of the leaders – an extraordinary turn for a democratic socialist who, three years ago, was considered a candidate protest from the political strip. Today Sanders is one of the most popular the most prominent politicians among democratic voters, and his political program – a set of progressive proposals for expanding health care, expanding the network of social security and dismissal of higher education from many democratic parties.

"I can tell you very happily, and I think that any observer will confirm what I say that in the last year and a half years the Democratic Party has moved in a much more progressive direction. than they were before I got to the presidency, "he said in an interview with CNN last year. But on the eve of his announcement, Sanders and top assistants insisted that the decision would ultimately be much easier: was he the best candidate to win the president of Donald Trump next year.

Sanders starts his campaign this time with a higher profile and better organized support base, but instead of fighting a single institution, perhaps a dozen other candidates with a wide and often overlapping appeal are already nominating. It includes as many as a dozen solid progressive contenders who, although not social democrats in the formation of Sanders, share many of his political priorities and political styles. The primary field will also be more racially diverse and, on average, younger. Less than two months before this year, his colleagues from the Senate or participating or studying campaigns, including four out of six women in the race.

  The calendar shifts the democratic influence to color voters in 2020

And although he joined the race sooner than he did at this stage in 2015, Sanders's accession is close A dozen others, such as the Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, another progressive populist who announced the creation of a research committee on the eve of the New Year and officially announced his candidacy 10 days ago. She quickly picked up the director of the Sanders Union in 2016 in Iowa and already visited the six key states and Puerto Rico.

Sanders spent much of the past years spreading his message and developing relationships with like-minded people and activists during exhaustive travel around the country – with a special look at the states received by Trump in 2016 – and due to his unsurpassed digital operation. His bulk of supporters, although their share of votes is likely to decrease in a crowded field, may be stubborn enough to move him to victory in some of the key states of early voting. His media and the ability to raise a large number of small dollar donations should allow him to compete in California, which went into an initial stage by 2020, creating an expensive new challenge for candidates who, for the most part, lost corporate PAC donations and PAC support.

"He never stopped", – said in January, President of our revolution Nina Turner, trusted advisor. "He remains on the mission, and sometimes people try to knock him down the path, but he is right there, and he never flutters in it. And it's hard to do to be the one who pushes the vision even when it's not popular. It's easy to get on board. when everything becomes popular.

But the growing influence of Sanders has also caused more rigorous control by political opponents, including vocal factions within the Democratic Party, who accuse him of weakening Clinton's support before her loss. Trump, the press and even some of his most dismissed

In January, he was forced to publicly resist the allegations of sexual harassment by employees of his campaign in 2016. Sanders apologized, but during an interview with Anderson Cooper, CNN said that he did not know about the violation in that time, because he was "a bit busy running around the country trying to do the work." The explanation fell, and a few days later another report was reported that accused an investigating officer of a young woman's kiss campaign. When Sanders met with a group of men and women who wrote a letter to his office, detailing his experience in 2016, he, according to one of the former employees, "reconciled" and opened his remarks with what she called "honest apology."
  Sanders returns to South Carolina with questions about how the second campaign will look
Allies will closely monitor the composition of their early workers , especially with the election of the campaign leader instead of Jeff Weaver, who led the exhibition in 2016 and will remain a senior adviser. The assistant told CNN in January that this process is already in progress. There is also the question of whether influential progressives such as New York Alexandria Ocacio-Cortés who volunteered for the Sanders & # 39; 2016 campaign and traveled with him during an interim campaign to campaign for progressive applicants will suggest your public support. California representative Barbara Lee, one of the most respected progressive legislators in the country, approved Senator Kamal Harris last week.

From the back wall to the front line

The increase in the visibility of Sanders has brought significant benefits to the Left flank of the Democratic Party and – through an unlikely union with the Republican – has helped bring the historical proof to the policy of the Trump administration in the Middle East. Together with Senator GOP Mike Lee and Sen. Democrat Chris Murphy, last year Sanders won two-party support for a military-military resolution calling for a cease-fire of military support for the Saudi offensive in Yemen. His campaigns of pressure on large corporations, such as Amazon, also helped secure a minimum wage of $ 15 per employee and promised the company to maintain legislation that raises it across the country.

"He has stretched out more to work with his colleagues over the past few years to show that efficiency is his biggest plus at the substance level," said the Democratic Republic of Ro Hannah, who led a successful lasting resolution this year in the House.

The policies of the second Sanders campaign are expected to be substantially the same as in 2015 and 2016. However, during the last few weeks, he has started to deploy or repeat proposals to combat economic inequalities and to strengthen programs such as social security. He also plans to reinstate his Medicare legislation for all legislation in tandem with Washington's Promilly Jayapal, who took over the development and patching of an accompanying charter.

For two weeks in January and February Sanders unveiled plans to buy more than 50 years of supplementary social insurance by raising wage taxes on incomes in excess of $ 250,000 and an increase in property tax for the richest Americans by offering the highest bid 77% for heirs-billionaires.

Sanders said in a statement on the eve of deployment, "significantly increasing the property tax for the richest families in this country and sharply reducing the inequality of wealth. From a moral, economic and political point of view, our nation will not flourish when so few people have so much and so much.

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