Document from a Taiwanese news report published on YouTube. (Photo: YouTube / CTS News)

A young woman in Taiwan has reportedly had four bees who live under her eyelids and "feast with tears."

It is according to Gardian, who referred to a press conference on which a physician at the Taiwan University Hospital Fuyin described how he discovered that insects were in the eyes of a woman.

"I saw what looked like legs of insects, so I slowly pulled them under a microscope, and one after another, without harming things inside," said Hung Chitin, head of the hospital's ophthalmology,

Four insects were measured in less than a quarter inches in length, reports the network, and are known as "sweat bees" or Halictidae. Insects, which are usually non-aggressive, are attracted to human sweat, which "offers them precious water and salt," notes the Missouri Department of Conservation

. He said that he feels pain in the eyes of one day during the care of the grave of a relative, according to reports. At that time she dragged the storm and thought she was a ground, but a sense of regret continued under the age even after she had washed away with water.

When she visited a doctor, Hung looked into the eye through a microscope, waiting to find. infections Instead, he saw the tiny legs of bees that swirling in its straits, reports Guardian.

What saved a woman, her doctor said: She refrained from rubbing the eyes, which could break the bees and caused an infection. "Fortunately, she came to the hospital early, otherwise I could get her out to save her life," Hung said, according to CNN.

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