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Assistant Cautious Trump as he looks at Kim's summit to raise

Some assistants around him doubt that the next summit may match the original, which was a historic one after decades of hostility between the two countries. The second meeting will never be the same, some warned the president, hoping to suppress his expectations.

Nevertheless, Trump seeks to use the meeting to strengthen his position on the world stage, especially since Democrats in Congress have new opportunities. Investigative power and Robert Muller concludes his Russian intelligence. Foreign policy, which has ample opportunities to carry out the powers of oblast governors, has long come back when internal politics became difficult or complicated.

"I think the next week will be very exciting," Trump said on Tuesday after describing the phone call he had previously conducted with the South Korean leader to discuss the summit. "I think that much of it will come out. We had a huge first summit. It was indeed a violation of the ice, but a lot of that came from, including a good relationship."

people who surround him say. Teams from the United States were sent to the capital of the capital, hoping to find settings that could fit Trump's expectations of a huge and historic confrontation, and engage in diplomatic deals to respond.

a desire to once again capture the attention of the world through a re-encounter with the secluded and mysterious Kim. This is happening at the back of the expanded struggle with Congress through immigration and government funding that left Trump blue. During last week's triumphant appearance in the Pink Garden, Trump spoke for a long time before the summit, before moving on to a less pleasant issue: the Congress's inability to transfer billions of funds that he demanded for the border wall. 1

9659002] "I think that many of you will go, I suspect," he told reporters. "And I hope that we will have the same success as in the first summit."

Hollow hands?

So far, luck from Singapore has not turned into concrete steps on the way to dismantling North Korea's nuclear program. Trump says the success is evident because Pyongyang stopped, for now, testing ballistic missiles or nuclear bombs. But American secret services publicly state that there is no sign that Kim is preparing to abandon his arsenal.

This enabled the diplomatic teams to work on the eve of the second summit in order to secure a certain type of agreement, which can be signed by two leaders who can provide more substance than the document signed in June, in which they agreed only to "work for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" .

It is expected that Stephen Bygun, the envoy of the president of North Korea, will hold preliminary talks in the capital of the United States with his North Korean counterpart. week. It is expected that the talks will focus on the steps North Korea can take towards denuclearization, and which the US may offer in return.

Privately, the advisers of the president believe that more concrete progress – beyond the limits of friendly handshakes – will be at this summit to prove that diplomacy works. Trump, meanwhile, advertised his warm relationship with Kim as progress in itself, and painted the glowing letters he received from Kim in meetings with hostile legislators.

Washington has even informed foreign governments of Trump's desire to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts, according to people familiar with this issue. Trump said last week that Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, nominated him for the award that Abe refused to confirm or object.

Trump said on Tuesday that he "was in no hurry" to accelerate the process of denuclearization. Instead, he again pointed to the weakening of tension.

"Now it's much less dangerous, and it's a lot of prudence, a lot of really healthy thinking," said Trump. Walsh arrived in Hanoi a few days ago to begin preparations for a summit with his North Korean counterpart. Walsh, who took over a post previously occupied by former White House presenter Joe Hagin, coordinates specific choreography and settings for the summit.

Hagin performed the same, sometimes difficult task in Singapore at the first Trump Summit with Kim. Then he encountered significant obstacles, including the North Korean delegation, to planned meetings and security requirements for Kim, some of which caused the concern of the Secret Service.

Visual spectacle

Ultimately, Trump was delighted with the appearance of his many-hour encounter with Kim in Singapore, which was planned on the smallest details – including the internal illustrations of the White House at all different angles of the primary camera handshake of the leaders.

This time, concerns over North Korea arise. One of the possible top-level locations – the cavernous, recently constructed conference center – was opposed to what Kim's envoys considered it difficult to provide. Other sites that have been explored by teams in advance include the French colonial Hanoi Opera House and various luxury hotels, people said. Initially, the United States preferred the resort town of Danang to meet, but Pyongyang moved to Hanoi, where North Korea has an embassy. highlight the diplomatic powers of the communist government in the United States. US officials are hoping that the United States – once an American enemy, and now a strategic and trading ally – can serve as a model for transforming the economy of North Korea

. Singapore, when he showed Kim an artificial film trailer on the iPad that offered a rigorous choice between nuclear isolation or the peaceful emergence of economic prosperity.

"It was a version of what could happen that could happen," Trump explained to journalists later. "As an example, they have beautiful beaches. You see that whenever they explode their guns in the ocean, is not it?" I said, "Boy, look at the look. "

" He looked at this tape, he looked at this iPad, and I'm telling you that they really liked it, "said Trump.

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