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Asbestos, Russia, has again made asbestos

ASBEST, Russia – A decade-long sniper for healthcare advocates, a manufacturer of asbestos confidently inclined to Russia, a substance banned as a killer in more than 60 countries, believes it may have finally found the perfect figure for a product rehabilitation campaign. Deeply painted image: President Trump.

"Trump is on our side," said Volodymyr Kochelaev, chairman of the board of Uralasbest, one of the few in the world of asbestos producers.

The United States stopped production of asbestos in 2002, but the material still pervades the world market with a huge hole in land in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

The surrounding city, where almost every seven things depend on the substance of what the World Health Organization says, is a serial killer, called Asbest, a Russian word for asbestos.

Canada A city called Asbestos too, but he stopped making things a year ago and robbed a change in its name on something less distant. Her Russian twin, where locals rarely question the wisdom of mining asbestos with explosive charges, causing thick clouds of dust saturated with asbestos fibers, sees no reason to do something like that.

to shed the association with lung cancer and other diseases by rebranding its product as "chrysotile", the name of which is a specific type of mineral, mainly mine.

Chrysotile not only sounds less scary, it's really so, – said the gentleman. Kochelaev

He insisted that it was much less dangerous than other forms of "asbestos," the general commercial name used to describe various fibrous minerals that were used throughout the world in isolation, tile, and fireproof clothing until the 1970s.

"It was a very successful media operation," said Paul Kashpurov, a young expert on public relations with the Uralasbestan

. He came up with an idea after the EPA, and then under the leadership of Scott Pright, was appointed Trump, has announced the "new use" of the rules for asbestos that condemned the campaign as opening the way for wider use of the material t. The agency stated that its intentions were misinterpreted.

With Brazil and Canada, used to supply most of the asbestos used in the United States, now from business, Russia sees an opening for its own product – if only it can force Americans to stop worrying about dying and listen to its sales, so that the Russian Asbestos or chrysotile is not very bad. After years of declining production, "Uralasbest" last year increased production of asbestos to 315 thousand tons, 80 percent of which sold abroad, with 279.2 thousand tons.

But he sold only 67 tons of US, a market that almost disappeared because of concern for health, but now slightly increasing. 750 tons of asbestos imported throughout the past year by the United States has still not been around 803,000 tons consumed in the United States in 1973, before a wave of lawsuits and medical warnings has led to asbestos becoming a cause for death and financial ruin

. No one in Asbestos, located 900 miles east of Moscow, does not expect that asbestos will be fully rehabilitated in the near future, with or without assistance from Mr. Trump.

But the rebranding of asbestos as chrysotile has contributed to the economic slowdown of the economic spine of the city and blurred calls for a global ban on all forms of asbestos.

The former mayor of the city, Andrei Kholzakov, who heads the international association of asbestos lobby groups, said that the hopes for a coup in American politics were still disappointing. However, he said that Mr. Trump, as a businessman familiar with the construction, "understands the reality of asbestos better than other people."

Trump, before becoming president, really had a long record of protecting asbestos as a fire protection, that in 2012 he tweeted that if he had not been replaced by a "junk that does not work, the World Trade Center would never have burned down." their acts on September 11, 2001. His 1997 book, The Art of Return, said that asbestos "received a bad rap," arguing that efforts to forcibly withdraw from schools and other buildings were "headed by

. Such views are clearly linked to Russia's long-held opinion that asbestos producers are the victim of a well-thought-out conspiracy driven by greedy, primarily American lawyers who make money for asbestos-related losses and chemical companies that produce alternative fire-retardant materials.

Asbestos City after more than 130 years of intensive extraction, still has d Ultimately good chrysotile asbestos to keep Uralasbest in business for at least the end of the century if its customers, mainly in Asia and Africa, are not taken to itself.

She also has bottomless reserves of enthusiasm among residents for the product, which according to the report World Health Organization 2014 kills more than

Even local doctors are fully consistent with this program.

Igor Bragin, Chief Physician of the Asbestos Hospital, rejected a 2016 scientific study that is untrue. no lung cancer. The study, conducted by a comparative overview of mortality rates in Asbestos and in the vicinity of Sverdlovsk, showed that "mortality rates from lung cancer, stomach and colon are statistically significantly higher in Asbestos". The frequency of mesothelioma, the lung disease in the West accused of asbestos, has not been studied, because Russia does not register this disease separately.

Although there is a certain scientific basis for the assertion that chrysotile, also known as "white asbestos", is less dangerous than black and blue asbestos, the International Agency for Research on Cancer said "there is enough evidence in humans about carcinogenicity all forms of asbestos ", including chrysotile.

Uralasbest says that the incidence of disease among staff has fallen sharply, as it introduced the best air filters in its huge processing plant and forced workers to wear the best masks there. However, despite the fact that the company has improved its terms, the company refused to provide access to the plant, stating that it is in a restricted area.

t an industrialized region, including a nuclear power plant only a few miles away, and an even closer coal power plant, which is perhaps the least worrying asbestos.

"Everything is potentially dangerous," said Ksyusha Ustinova, a 30-year-old woman dressed in fur coats, came with her friends last week to look into a six-mile hole in the outskirts of the city where asbestos was mined. "Why so much to worry about asbestos?"

Viktor Stepanov, a 88-year-old pensioner who worked for asbestos at the plant for decades, said that his age and the continuation of a lasting health are proof that the whole " hysteria "about asbestos can not be true. He explained that while he was working at an asbestos plant, he drank a bottle of milk on a day that the company provided for free to help workers prevent illness.

"Everything is dangerous to some extent," he said. "One hundred percent guarantees that something is not harmful does not exist."

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