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As we can understand, this is Dave Gutlman's plan for giants

General Manager Giants Dave Gutlman insists he has a plan.

"You can win while you're building a list," Gutlman said in a press release after trading with a wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., to Cleveland Brauns.

All this sounds great in theory, but it's hard to understand how this list can even match the victories of last season.

In the end, Gottelmann is allowed three. The safety of Land Bow Collins, which travels in a free agency, traded to Beckham's talent generation with the best pass on one of the worst defensive league releases (Oliv & # 39; Vernon). Eti Manning

Gutlman can also stand on a podium, direct its internal Pork Killer from Mad Max and be honest: "there is no plan."

Remember that this is a list that has won only eight or more players in the past two seasons from this gap that falls at least partially on Gettleman

It was Gettleman who thought that giants were close enough to compete last season and whiffed on a veteran of free signature agents such as Patrick O'Mame's Guardian, Jonathan Stewart running back, trading the draft capital for liberal player Alec Ogletry, turning left the Ereck Flowers step and switching to a defender with a general choice of No. 2

If last year we tried to make one last shot with Manning, it seems that this offseason is the last attempt of last-final effort to divide the registry together to survive Manning's farewell tour of celebrities that compete in 2020 year Perhaps.

This is debatable at the moment, if Gettleman has some idea of ​​what he is doing, but here's the best way to guess his master plan:

Load on draft sample to create flexibility

Starting in 201

8 year term of the NFL trade, it seems that Gettleman's main priority is to add as a man

The Giants traded with Damon Harrison to the Detroit Lions for the round and disassembled the Angle Eagle Apple in the New Orleans holy Fourth and Seventh rounds.

Today giants have 12 elections in the April NFL Draft after the acquisition of No. 17 and the third round along with the correct protection of Kevin Tsaitler in the trade of Beckham and Vernon to Brown

After the Gutlman trades that weakened the register, the giants had three elections in top 40 and reinstated the third round, which was lost when they chose the Angle Bila himself in an additional project last summer.

Giants now have more than enough elections to exchange at No. 2 Ohio Defenders Dwayne Hashkins, while the third round makes a potential trade for Arizona Cardinals defender Josh Rosen.

Similarly, if giants use each of their four elections in the first or fourth rounds, they have the chance to add a potentially elitist transition, starting with the right approach and the other contributing player.

Clear contracts of big money, mostly signed by the predecessor, from the book

The total remaining hits from Apple, Harrison and Vernon are approximately $ 51 million over the next two seasons, which will allow Giants to be major players in a free agency.

In addition, Beckham's trade has created $ 31.5 million in expense flexibility over the next two years.

Currently, the giants have lean-high $ 126.192 million in the cap of the space next season and $ 128.765 million to spend in 2021.

If the giants of the project class in 2019 could reflect or exceed the success of 2018 (four high-quality starter drivers running back to Sakun Barkley, left Guards Will Hernandez, BJ Hill defensive end and outside of the paddle Lorenzo Carter), Gettleman should be able to sign [19659002] Define the franchise defender of the future … But do not hurry to play with him

One thing that Gettilman seems to be telegraphing during the NFL Combine is his long-term plan for the defender.

"The Kansas City model worked very well," said Gettlman. "You can bring a number of models, where they had a veteran, and they were a young boy. At some point in time, the torch passed and everyone went dear.

Maning obviously has no future after 2019, and controversial, if there are any reasons to bring him back for this coming season, but Gettlman sounds like he is preparing. leave the NFL Project with a young defender to develop for the start of 2020.

Whether giants are in love and can emerge from either Oklahoma Kyler Murray or Ohio State Dwayne Hashkins at the top of the NFL Project or can turn a couple of cardinals to Rosen, landed a young defender, seems to be a priority.

Trade for Rosen may complicate Manning's 2019 status, but the rookie is likely to sit on the side for at least half a season without pressure to play this year, but be ready to commit a crime next season.

Recycle crime

The gang's crime was transmitted through Barkley in the past season, especially during the second half of the season when he finished with 2,028 yards of clashes and 15 general landings, but Beckham has always been the main weapon of Manning.

Manning tried 576 passes last season when Beckham was targeted at a high 124 of them

However, with Beckham set to catch runs from Baker Mayfield next season, expect the gang crime to be built around Barkley as a A runner and receiver, after the rookie was attacked 121 times last season. When Manning is not targeting Barkley, expect that the money will be distributed to the recently signed recipient of Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard and the dense ending of Evan Engram

. Minnesota Vikings two seasons ago with wide receivers Stephon Diggz, Adam Thielen and a dense end Kyle Rudolph.

Defense is likely to overflow the field to make Barkley's life more complicated, without worrying that Beckham stretches the field, Shurmur, to maximize weapons from giants in a passing game with a balanced attack and creative play.

Build a defense with an emphasis on the front-seven

t Goethelman does not appreciate the defense of the back of the dollar.

Whether it was Collins' tags or the abolition of the tag on All-Pro side by Josh Norman, when he was General Manager of Carolina Panthers, Guttel's advantages for defending from front to front seven were obvious. It's likely that the acquisition of Jabril Peppers for a contract rookie was a priority in Beckham's trade.

Signing up the rusher edge Marcus Goldman, who is familiar with James Betcher's Defense Coordinator scheme, and potentially added a front-seven defender or two to the NFL Project, will create the foundation for defense that Gutlman and giants are hoping to build over the next few years.

Giants will look very different this season and will accept a completely different personality than the teams in which Vernon, Collins and Beckham were shown. moves together because it fluctuates between how to control a full tear to restore the registry once and by mistake trying to compete next. That's why it's so hard to understand that here's the Gettleman game.

There is also no guarantee that his plan, whatever it may be, will really work.

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