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Apex Legends: Respawn shares new details on upcoming updates and tidbits Season 1 reveals livestream | Dexerto.com

Respawn Entertainment has published a detailed update that focuses on answering various questions from the Apex Legends community and details what can be expected from future updates.

Apex Legends did not even last two weeks, and it's already broke through milestones with spectacular ease, all while collecting players worth more than 25 million.

With a long update published on the editing of Apex Legends, Respawn made it clear that they are seeking to reach new heights outside the game by addressing a few key points of conversation that arose in society. last two weeks.

Errors and Error Reporting

Respawn began updating, letting fans know that they are reporting "failure" on all platforms "seriously" and will look for improvement in the near future.

Players can count on a new patch next week (date not specified), which will strive to improve stability, performance and other quality of life.

In addition, Respawn detailed the error reporting process to loosen many fears about the loss of eavesdropping messages.


No shock to hear that many cheaters were spotted during the first two weeks of release.

To date, Respawn has confirmed that more than 1

6,000 players have been identified and banned from playing. Any players who fall into the scam must use this tool to immediately report them.

Even if you do not have any evidence, just mark the identifier that will allow Respawn to investigate the account and make sure fraudsters are treated as soon as possible.

Current Communication

Perhaps the most important of all, Respawn has outlined, which will be a complex and regular update schedule for the coming weeks.

Apex Legends submissions will be made daily, and although not all of them will contain the main news, an open communication line will surely be positively perceived by the community. The first of them confirmed that he is discussing the upcoming launch of season 1 in March.

You can read the full developer update from Respawn Entertainment below:

2.15.2019: Updates from Respawn

A lot to talk about!


We know that this was a disappointment for many of you on all platforms. We hear you and we take this issue seriously. Improving the stability, efficiency and quality of life is a high priority for us, and we have to work a lot. We pushed our first patch earlier this week and we got a lot more [including one next week!]. We will always be giving corrective notifications when they appear. No, I can not tell you what else is there.

WHAT DOES I KNOW when I report something?

We are always listening and looking for the reported problems. As you can imagine, when you shoot the game out of nowhere, and 25 million people are in the first week, all kinds of problems, mistakes, exploits, etc. will appear. Our customer support team provides daily reports, and many people from the developer team find and send links to incoming, social and reddit messages. We also got some radial tools that capture all kinds of game data, appreciate feelings, and give an idea of ​​what they were saying about things around Apex Legends.

When questions are reported, they are supervised by our excellent QA team that tries to reproduce the problem based on the information they have. If they are able to play it, a ticket is created, and they are added to other known issues, determined by priorities, are planned and assigned to the appropriate developers to solve this problem. How do we determine priorities? We use data to tell us how many people were affected, how damaged the operation may be, how much resources will be needed to fix it, etc.


t Play the problem locally, it's not possible to fix it. Therefore, it is very important that you provide as much information as possible when reporting a problem that you feel. If you just send: "My game continues to break. Fix "We can not do much to help you, and we really want to help you!

So, help us to help you. The best place to report errors is via the link below and do the following:


  • On Which platform do you play?
  • Origin ID / Gamertag / PSN
  • What did you do when you ask a question?
  • Can you play it?
  • PC players – Provide specifications, OS version and GPU driver version.
  • If possible, it's great if you can take a screenshot / image or video.
  • Pay attention to developer updates.


To date, more than 16,000 fraudsters have been identified and prohibited from playing. Scammers suck. If you encounter it, try and grab proof, and let us know about it here: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/apexlegends/contact/report/

Even if you do not get the evidence, get their ID and mark it and we can explore the account. We have heard your feedback about the report function in the game. I just say that this is a very good idea 🙂


Your trust is really important to us. Seriously. We said at the start that we will always strive to be straightforward, honest and transparent, as we can with all of you. So we will begin to do this:

  • We will begin to make more regular updates, similar to this. I will be doing every weekday starting next week. Not all of them will be the first or the main news, but think of it as our way of checking every day to decide what we can.
  • Livestreams! As we say, the production team builds radio sound and is installed here in Respawn. I can not wait for him to start working and start exhibiting a show with a team. We debut our first developer stream around the launch of the 1st season.
  • With the permission of all of you and the mod team, I would like to have a special place where I can provide a list of troubleshooting tips for some questions
  • A few more things in the works that we are talking about more in the near future.

I would like to answer each of you, but it's physically impossible. For context: I now have almost 6K responses in my incoming mail and more than 50 requests for messages. Believe me, when I say this myself, and many people in the team here are reading your messages, and it was the best feeling that we see a child in the wild and taking life through you.

Enjoy the weekend, be kind to one another, and have fun! Next upgrade on Tuesday.

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