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Anniversary event "The Sea of ​​Thieves" brings ship loads

The first year of the Sea of ​​Thieves content [19599004] centered around the launch, which was, for some players, short lived. Developer Rare has put four free expansion packages, each of which has added pieces of content and new game systems. The latest expansion pack, Shrouded Spoils updated open world meetings, added achievements and made the main contour of the gameplay more interesting and valuable.

The Sea of ​​Thieves update will be the biggest game built on the foundation built on the first year of the upgrade. Set to arrive on April 30, the upgrade will include Arena Extensions search campaigns, modular ship damage, two new factions, harpoons, fishing, hunting and cooking.

This is a long list, but here's how each separate system will work in the context of an existing game. The anniversary update is filled with new content, but it should be accessible to first-day players, and will add new ways to get to the best experience The Sea of ​​Thieves .

  The sea of ​​thieves - the crew of pirates playing music around the treasure chest they just opened

Rare / Microsoft Studios

Quests, campaigns and Tali

in November, which became a surprise in the jubilee announcement, was new system of quests. Joe Nate, executive producer The Sea of ​​Thieves argues that Tall Tales, the campaign system that arrives at the end of April, is just the beginning of an expanded experience The Sea of ​​Thieves . 19659010] "We wanted to lower the bar to access the multiplayer," says Neate. He notes that a large number of admirers The Sea of ​​Thieves are seven or many generations, and therefore they wanted to create a story that could bring fans and give a direct, structured purpose. "Deep and damn sails" Starving "have tested us in a common world and saw how it is happening. Now that we bring history into the game, it must be there so that people can play forever, so that new players come and play in the future. "

The Tal-Tiles stories will be available through a book in outposts near the Mysterious Stranger; players can activate the story there, just like they are traveling on their ship.

There are variations and random parts of history, which means that Tal Fairy tales are reproduced; Unlike previous campaigns, progress will not be as set.

"The main stream of history remains unchanged, but the puzzles and the way things are, have a real variety," says Nate.

Suzir, noticed in the jubilee trailer, is part of this campaign, and will be a way for players to advance the story. Other new mechanics include a new kind of treasure chest that can be opened and used to transport other valuables, puzzle boxes, as well as the environment and challenges inspired by the films of the 80s, similar to The Raiders of the Lost Ark The Goonies . Neate compares the design with the adventure games of the old school, returning to many roots of the developers.

In the future, Tall Tales will be a "platform" for more quests and campaigns, says Rare. The Story of the Anniversary, Shores of Gold, will be the first attempt of the format. Neate notes that for some players this approach to choosing their own adventures is not for everyone. For players who are more focused on fighting, swimming and collecting gold, there is an Arena.

Enter the arena

After the discovery The Sea of ​​Thieves players will have the opportunity to choose between Adventures – The current game, and the mode that will support Tall Tales – and The Arena, focused and contains a competitive match. The Arena will have a trading company affiliated with it, where players can earn a reputation for cosmetic unlock and progress to Pirate Legend.

"It's our two platforms for growth," says Neate. "We believe strongly and passionately in both." Both Arena and Adventure will be supported in the future by constant updates and extensions, says Rare.

Although players are waiting for the entrance to the Arena, they are placed in a new tavern with several floors, banners and hot tub. Players are also given a parchment with the results of the last match, which they can proudly show against other pirates. Neate says it satisfies the path to a modest jump, especially since you find yourself in a tavern with crews, with which you may have just finished the game.

Players are placed on four-player galleons, but players can stand in queues in smaller teams. either in closed groups or in open groups that fill their batch with casual players. Participants compete for silver, the temporary currency of the individual matches of the Arena. There is a series of different arenas, selected from places already in the game The Sea of ​​Thieves from a route around the banks of the Riches to a more dangerous journey in the Reeves Devil. They are circular, with ninety or eight islands located in the area.

"The game can really sail and flow between the extraction of crews on one island or the spread of them," says Nate. Players get the most points for extraction and transformation into treasure, but they can also clog the tremendous downsides of other ships. The killing of hostile players gives less reward, encouraging players to achieve greater goals. – You should always watch what other ships do. It's very, very strategic. "

Players can turn their treasures into stations around the map, which create tense moments of transport and vulnerability. The Arena will award all players; it is not a piano or a combat mode. Repair, finding X on the map, as well as steering on intermittent water – the same – if not more – is valuable than someone who is good with a sword or a cannon. "I think it's possible to bring competition to a wider range of people," says Neate.

"I hesitate to use the word PvP," says Nate about the game mode. "Because it is competitive, but mostly the focus is competing around the treasures. There will be battle battles, but the best way to start Arena mode is to abandon the battle and build a treasure. "

Although pirates will interact, each crew will need to constantly think about how much they are treasures

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Adventures of the open world

The mode of adventure will continue to evolve and change over time. The plan is to hold incentives for players to betray, stop, or fight against each other in the adventures. However, if the player is looking for an extremely fast ship, now they have the ability to jump, and this should make the role of the battle in Adventure a little clearer. The Rare team is interested in the fact that social behavior and interaction unfold over treasures, opportunities and dangers. They have a system called the "world events planner", which allows the team to customize individual caviar and events. In the future, Rare is trying to change those bids for solo sword players to give them a bit more chances to fight.

The new company will come to renew the jubilee, as well as earn a reputation with them. The trading company "Myslyvets" gives pirates the opportunity to fish, cook pigs and chickens, and also catch megalodons and crackers. Players only need to reach level 50 with three companies to make the Pirate Legend, which means they could completely stop playing gold in a set or trading alliance mission in favor of arena matches or fishing. more details. Ships can now attack mast and spikes. By pushing the perfect shot onto the enemy ship, you can lower the anchor and remove the handle, requiring immediate repair. The ship's mast can also go down, requiring three tree boards and a time to repair pirates. Ships of skeletons will be able to hit these weaknesses on the ships of the players, although they will not be specially targeted to them

In order to align this weakness, the ships get harpoons. The harpoons will be located on the front of the ship, and can be connected to almost anything. Pirates will be able to aim for other players and pull them out of the ships, get into the chest from the hands of another person and pull them on board, and also use harpoons against megalodons and crackers.

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