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Amazing Google Home Premium

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

Despite the fact that kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms now hide about 1

20 million smart columns around the United States, most people do not need a Google assistant or Amazon in their lives. In fact, I thought I would never own one of these devices, in principle. Why, in the end, would anyone willingly install a corporate surveillance device with minimal capabilities in their most intimate spaces? I do not know, but one way or another my house now has three. And I have to admit, I'm sure of this, but not for the reasons that I could expect.

As part of a constant experiment on developing my home, I have the Google Home Max kitchen, the Google Home Hub in my bedroom, and the Google Assistant's slot camera. In most cases, they just sit there looking at Google's servers, with information about me and the life of my wife Jennifer. But there are always some moments, mostly in the evening, when we call them to life. "Hey, Google" – let's say, "what will be the weather tomorrow?" Or we will ask her to play music from Spotify or look for the vet's number. These small queries are not large, but they add something like useful. Moreover, what they allow us to do is that they allow us to avoid: collecting our phones.

We are not one of those households that do not have a purely telephone clock (we do not have children, but we, but, given that I and Jennifer and I work for many hours in front of different screens, we do our best to actually talking to each other when we were lucky enough to be at home and get rid of the obligations. The fact that until recently, we did everything that was usually done, meant failure, sitting on the couch next to each other, in that time as our attention was sober, sucked into Instagram, or any other time loss. 19659005] Then she showed up I'm an assistant to Google and we found that adding this connected internet device to our house actually made us less use the internet.

After a couple of weeks of using Google Homes, we realized that we were more communicating more without interruption. We were sitting and chatting at the dining table after we had finished the food, and we could stay at this moment without a phone that would not delay us, even for a short while. We will watch the TV together, continuously. We would have read books and magazines – an activity that for whatever reason does not cause impenetrable zombie-deafness, which the phone seems to inflict on users.

It was not deliberate. We did not have tried to use our phones less. Just before starting Google Home, checking the weather or asking the web, a random question meant lifting your phone for this. And then, inevitably, I would check the text, either Slat, or Twitter, or any small icon that attracted my attention. And then I went to the abyss of high definition of my iPhone.

When you can just say a command on Google, you can get what you are looking for and just go back to what you did

These little moments when you need to use the internet, in other words, are the gateway to a full-scale telephone rush At least they are for me and Jennifer. And they probably are more likely than you think. By using the smart speaker instead, you avoid unintentional sucking online. You do not succumb to the full power of the tractor beam on the Internet, and therefore, you have more control over how you spend your time without actually giving anything. This is a handy trick, if nothing else, and I'm grateful for it.

As far as I can tell, science has not yet realized whether too much time spent on the phone is harmful to our health. (Although this is probably bad for your children.) I work online and can not completely quit the system all the time – sometimes I need to be on the phone during off-hours, and this is normal. Other times, I just feel like fucking around on Twitter or looking for motorcycle parts on Craigslist, or finding out that the TikTok deal is hell. But I know that thinking spontaneously on my phone, when I'm honestly going to walk with my wife and pets, I'm thrown out. And, of course, I hate the feeling of looking at the clock on my screen and realizing that the clock went off without me. Maybe not. The features they offer are not bright, although I think they are useful for managing other smart devices. But for the most part, they do some of the things your phone also does without having to be on your phone. And for me it's enough.

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