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Amazing Bug Apex Legends Threatens To Destroy Dexerto.com

As positively as Apex Legends has been obtained since its release, the game still has some bugs and crashes that damage the quality of the gameplay.

One such mistake that has recently been discovered allows gamers to use their own weapon after a whack that clearly goes against the way a game should act

As a rule, players who fall into Apex Legends may try to defend themselves only after Knockdown shields, and in rare cases when they may have a Gold version of the product, they can even begin to reborn themselves. However, one thing they can not do is use a weapon to shoot off enemy players, which is exactly what this mistake allows whacked players to do.

Reddit user Arxtix has posted a video on the Internet, demonstrating the full effect of this error in action, and this certainly does not look good.

The clip above clearly shows that the player is slipping and has the ability to activate his Knockdown shield, but instead of simply crawling around, usually a battered player, he can pull his Peacekeeper gun.

Perhaps the most acute thing about this mistake is that it even allows the shotgun players to shoot their weapons and damage their opponents, as shown in the video.

Many in the Reddit comments section compared the mistake and the benefits of Call of Duty calls that would allow players to shoot after they had to be eliminated.

It is not yet clear how often this error raises its ugly head in Apex Legends, and whether there are other aspects that have not yet been disclosed in it.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that Respawn Entertainment's developers should give priority to fixing errors as they threaten the integrity of the game.

Have you encountered this error yet in Apex Legends? If so, then you were hit by a player or one who was shot dead player. Let us know by twittering @Dexerto and sharing any experiences and / or game clips you may have.

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