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After updating Roku OS 9.1 – TechCrunch Roku is no longer a neutral platform.

In the past, Roku seemed to be a more neutral platform than rivals of a multimedia streaming player, such as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. The company has provided all other content equally through its additional channels and in search of Roku, since they did not have anything to promote themselves. This changes with the deployment of Roku OS 9.1, starting today. The update adds a feature that automatically plays movies and TV shows on the Roku channel; another that better demonstrates free channel content in search-oriented genres; and another that introduces a new navigation menu with suggestions for other Roku products.

These functions come along with other changes, for example, in the new guest mode and easier to subscribe to.

Among the more secure changes is the new guest mode and automatic link to the account.

In early January, Roku announced an "auto-exit mode" that allowed guests to log on to their subscription channels using their own accounts instead of the credentials of the owner of Roku. Guests could specify when their term of office expired on this device ̵

1; this is a useful feature, especially for Airbnb operators. Today, the "automatic exit" mode is rebranded as "guest mode", and now it can be turned on or off on selected devices. It also allows Roku owners to leave the guests themselves.

Meanwhile, Roku makes it easier for users who move the settings of new Roku devices to solve one of the big headaches: log back in to all the subscriptions to the stream account. Roku users will not need to re-enter credentials when activating a new Roku player or Roku TV with the automatic linking feature on their accounts – subscription data will simply be copied from an existing account.

This feature is supported by less than 10 subscriptions, including Pandora and Sling TV.

More remarkable is the changes that are being made today to Roku, which will promote the promotion of its own content and products to its users.

To start a change on Roku Search (currently only in the US), it now arranges content more clearly.

When users search for a genre like "comedy" or "action," content is displayed in a Netflix-like fashion with large thumbnails of images and rows that scroll horizontally. However, Roku has decided to organize content by type, rather than, for example, subsets of "comedy" or "action", or any other genre that they were looking for.

Thus, while a service similar to Netflix allows you to view genres (for example romantic comedy, action comedy, family comedy, television comedy, etc.) instead of organizing search results for free content, subscriptions, on demand or 4K.

This is not a problem – in fact, it may be useful – but it is worth noting that the second row from the top is "free." Not surprisingly, this indicates a free, advertised content from the Roku channel along with other free sources. [19659002] This is similar to how Roku's "free" search today, but now Roku provides free visibility, giving it a prominent place in these more visual searches based on genres.

With voice search, however, the Roku channel gets the biggest impetus.

With Roku OS 9.1, when you search for movies and TV shows with voice, the content available on the Roku channel that matches these results will automatically start playback in some scenarios. This includes the cost of advertising on the Roku channel, as well as content from any of the premium subscriptions you have through the Roku channel.

"The playback will take place when the movie or show is only available on the Roku channel or when the client

The company even recognizes that this product change introduces a little favoritism into its previously unbiased search platform.

" If playback from a voice command is not available for a particular movie or show, you will continue to see the search results sorted by price so you can choose the best version of the review," the company said. when the Roku can not be privileged.

This is not a very big bad service for clients to start playing a name from a single source for their request. But this is a way to fill the content of a Roku channel instead of allowing users to rent or buy a name elsewhere.

Today, a voice search translates users into a list of search results where they see all options for streaming a header that includes the Roku channel, if available, as well as places where you can buy or rent a movie or show. Those who do not like ads often buy or rent, rather than transmit a free, ad supported version. Update 9.1 complicates this option.

Roku says that other channels will receive automatic playback over the next few weeks, which will work best when the client says the full name and name of the channel in the voice command.

Roku adds voice commands: "replay" to return for a few seconds; "Enable / Disable Closed Captions; and "turn off the display" for Roku TVs that offer the Quick Launch function of the TV.

Roku TV models will also receive the automatic volume level function that came to the Roku players in Roku OS 9.

Another feature of Roku OS 9.1 will be to market more Roku users via the My Offers suggestion link, which is displayed in the left navigation menu of the main screen of the Roku.

Here users can check if they have the right to special discounts on Roku products, accessories, or even, even subscriptions to the content. The link is when these personalized discounts are available and users can purchase directly from the ad using their console.

Roku OS 9.1 deploys as a software update to select Roku streaming players (the full list is included in the release notes), and will reach all supported players in the coming weeks. Roku TV models are expected to receive updates early in the summer.

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