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About trips abroad, pence steps from Temp Trump, but always remains on the message

SHANNON, Ireland – When it came time to stretch his legs while refueling in Ireland during his recent trip to Europe, Vice President Mike Pence left his office on the front of the Air Force, wearing a wicked warhead jacket

When he landed in order to walk around several terminals around the airport terminal as his walk, then his wife, Karen, made a story to the range of souvenirs at the Duty Free Shop.

The Atlantic, President Trump, boss Pens, was in the midst of the early morning of tweets, including addressed to the Senate intelligence committee which once again denied that there was a conspiracy between Russia and Tramp. The vice president, for his part, seemed to be missing, enjoying a short stomp with the second lady as if they were tourists on long-planned holidays.

Taking together in Washington DC, Mr Trump, a former reality reality tycoon, and Mr. Pence, an Evangelical Christian, is an extremely strange couple, and the vice president is usually seen as a submissive sister who looks at the cipher in the direction the president But, at least 10 diplomatic trips to six continents under his belt, Mr. Pence seems to have mastered the art of coming out of Mr Trump's shadow on his terms. He avoids taking any dangerous steps in the center of the attention of the president, constantly relinquishing the message, regardless of diplomatic spending.

Their contrasting styles will be shown again this week. On Wednesday, Mr Trump will participate in high stakes, if not in theater, at the highest level in the United States with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader and his casual friends. This meeting comes with the added drama Mr.. The former Tramp clamp testified to the Congress on the same day.

When Mr Trump is at the center of attention, Mr. Pens will remain to test his international influence against the conflict that has been fatal because of recent attempts to deliver humanitarian assistance to Venezuela, a country that has shaken from the collapse of the economy and violent political upheavals. On Monday, Mr Pence is scheduled to visit Bogotá, Colombia, to strengthen the Trump administration's demands that the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, resign in order to open the way for the opposition leader Juan Guadido, who has the support of the White House.

According to a senior administration official, Mr. Pence is ready to meet with Mr. Guaido and plans to announce "concrete steps" to put pressure on the government of Mr Maduro. This may include the deployment of a new round of economic sanctions punishment, something that several administration officials hinted at on weekends.

This urgent situation in Latin America will present a more demanding challenge to the vice president than his four-day trip this month. to Poland and Germany, where he was sent, to deliver serious, eloquent appeals to support Israel and to blame Iran for attempting to carry out another Holocaust.

Despite the sharp tongue, it was a relatively low rate. On the first leg, Mr. Pence walked around the crackle and posed for group photos at an organized summit administration that was supposedly in the Middle East, but was aimed at isolating Iran. He took it aside when Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, was accidentally identified as Vice President during lunch.

But Mr. Pens showed little interest in other delicate relationships when he demanded that European allies withdraw from nuclear weapons. an agreement with Iran, agreed with the Obama administration, and accused them of undermining American sanctions. Mr. Pens' aggressive approach enraged those who watched him, including Mr Pompeo, chief diplomat of the administration.

He remained tirelessly on the posts, even during questions about a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp from reporters aboard the Air Force. Second.

"We just felt a wave of emotions," said Mr. Pence of his time, allowing only a glimpse into his personal travel experience, which included putting roses in the gas chamber and reading the scriptures. He then returned to the scuffle against Iran, accusing the government of concealing "the most vile, anti-Semitic hatred that inspired Nazis in Europe," and called on people who love freedom to condemn the Iranian government.

. Penn claims to the Allies leave the nuclear deal were ignored by the crowd at its next stop – the Munich Security Conference. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was publicly stuck with Iran and criticized the Trump administration at a time when Mr Pence went out on stage to deliver his own.

One of the only indicators that Mr Pence noticed that came the cold European reception

"I bring greetings from the 45th President of the United States of America: President Donald Trump," said Mr. Pence. In Munich, the prayer case, which tends to stormy applause on the rallies "Make America a big again," says

Allies of the vice president say that his business is not to bother about how it can be judged by the message that it provides on the world scene – even if it creates a mess, diplomats need to be cleaned up.

"I do not think it was so much about how it was received," said Mark Short, who arrived at Pens Headquarters.

This relatively obscure approach allows us to create a kind of comfortable stability, as well as stiffness on the trips of Mr. Pens.

A penny is not – he has given it in the past, – said Mr. Short, – for "a lot of reasons", so that no air is served on board the air force. Mr. Pence selects coffee when he views and adjusts his prepared remarks for all hours. Any reporters or workers of the West Wing who are going to have to do so.

When they are in different places, according to assistants, Mr. Pence and the president speak several times a day. Their conversations, as a rule, remain private even among the nearest advisers of the vice president.

"You will never hear how he spoke about his conversations, his advice, the discussion, ever," said Mark Lauter, a former spokesman for Mr. Pence. "The only thing we would hear was:" The president wants us to do it. "

This respectful style that Mr Pence told people who George W. Bush was fond of when he was Vice President of Ronald Reagan. Mr Bush was so modest that he refused to allow the helicopter to place it on a southern lawn after Mr Reagan was shot dead in 1981. "President only lands on the Southern Glade," Bush noticed that

So, even on a European trip, Mr. Penn's influence of Mr. Trump could hardly be missed Turage in flight contained several fans of Trump, including the daughter of President Ivan and her husband, Jared Kushner, the architect of the emerging peace plan in the Middle East administration, traveling with Mr Pens at most of his stops.

Kate Kellogg, retired lieutenant general , who was very fond of Mr. Trump, got on board as National Security Advisor, Mr. Pens, who entered the Pennsylvania last year after his previous presidential adviser on national security – the role he took in itself after the release of Michael T. Flynn Mr pensions for misinformation about the nature of the conversation with the Ambassador of the United States.

Penny loyalists also got a seat – and access to the PA system. Tom Rose, a former publisher of The Jerusalem Post and conservative talk show host, took over as Senior Vice President Adviser after Mr. Pence visited Auschwitz. – said Mr. Rose. "President Donald Trump and my beloved friend, True Leo Judy, Vice President Mike Pence."

Travelers aboard exploded with applause, and the plane was released for take-off.

Penn's mission on Monday should exert additional pressure on Mr Maduro, a leader who was declared by the Trump Administration as an ideological adversary to the United States. The decision to send the vice president to an unstable political situation in Latin America does not come without a risky precedent: in 1958, Richard Nixon's tuple was attacked when Mr Nixon, then vice president, headed Caracas, Venezuela.

Nevertheless, for Mr. Pence, Latin America is a bad territory: it's his trip there as Vice President. He visited quite often to draw the attention of Mr Maduro: Last summer, Mr Maduro exploded on Mr. Pence, calling him "painful and toxic" and "poisonous viper" when he learned that the vice-president was visiting the region. 19659002] The image most likely will not keep Mr. Pence from the last iteration of Mr Trump's message. As Mr. Short said, "he gives a wonderful speech."

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