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7 $ 175 billion out of New York budget

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ALBANI – After months of frenzied lobbying, sharp struggle, late night drafting and secret negotiations, the New York State Budget for an amount of $ 175 billion, finally, here.

You can call it the budget of progressive priorities. This is the first budget for a decade to be debated between all Democrats – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the Senate and Democratic-led Assembly-and this will turn many long neglected liberal priorities into reality.

We call it the budget of compromises. Even when activists cheered the inclusion of certain issues, they also said that some measures were not going far enough or not fulfilled only with certain promises.

Here is your handbook for agreements that will shape life in New York this year and beyond

The idea of ​​charging the drivers of vehicles that are in the most busy part of Manhattan was around for a decade But deputies outside Manhattan always destroyed him, fearing that their members would pay the price without resorting to privileges.

Cuomo, which was overwhelmed by political opponents over the transit system it controls, made over-the-counter pricing compulsory in the negotiations. The Democrats campaigned for a promise to fix the subway, and even many legislators from Manhattan gathered on this plan, as a way to help the Metropolitan Transport Administration.

"We are at a point where Assembly members understand the need to finance the AIT," said Speaker of the Assembly, Carl E. Hestie last week.

Even Mayor Bill de Blasio, who had

New York will be the first city in the country to introduce pricing for overload.

It seems that legalization of recreational marijuana took place this year. Mr. Cuomo, who for a long time was skeptical of what he called the drug gateway, finally announced his support for legalization in December. And Mr. Cuomo is known for wanting to be in Albany.

But it quickly became clear that people had a wildly different vision of legalization

Well-funded medical marijuana companies wanted to be interested. The same was done by progressive black legislators who opposed any bill that did not guarantee returning to their communities. Some suburban lawmakers did not want legalization at all – they are concerned about the implications for public safety and health.

Despite the fact that the activists made a huge impetus at the last moment, hundreds of people passed last week through the Capitol, singing for legalized marijuana – ultimately not included in the budget.

There is still a chance that it can be transmitted separately in the other months of the session. But it may be more difficult to force a vote without a timely budget. And although the next year will always be 2020 – it's the year of elections, and few deputies tend to accept controversial votes in the elections.

the results of last year's elections were the number of officials who were in place, despite deeper pockets and, in many cases, party support.

The rivals who replaced them promised to advance the system of coordination of small donors, which will raise the voices of ordinary New Yorkers over megadonors and may encourage more disorder in the future.

This was predictably worried by some of the old politicians. In the end, why does someone want to change the system that would allow them to win? Mr Heasti said earlier this month that he was not sure he had votes to push public funding.

Hence, the compromise: the budget guarantees a small donor system of matches, but leaves details of the newly formed commission that will determine key details such as the ratio of match limits and contributions

The Commission may create a program in New York that corresponds to a donation of 6 to 1. This will make New York the first country in the country to have an active, reliable, relevant program. Or, it can create a toothless program that effectively stores the old system in place.

"Perhaps the commission can create a successful program," said Jessica Wineski, co-director of the New York Citizen Action Group. Or, she said: "It may be a cynical attempt to kill reform."

When it comes to a description of how Mr Cuomo felt a sudden collapse of the plan to bring Amazon to New York, anger might seem too gentle

He called the opponents of the deal " ignorance "and" superficial ". He blew them up as politically motivated and insincere. He even suggested that Democrats in the Senate participated in the form of "government corruption," having voiced the opponent of the deal, Senator Michael Janaris from Queens, to a council with the possible veto over it.

And he continued to do his wrath on Sunday, due to the provision of the state budget, which gives him "complete freedom to immediately withdraw" a member of the board of directors to which Mr. Janaris has been appointed, if the governor has recognized that this member "acts or threatening to act, "" Any way beyond the scope of fiscal analysis. "

" Never was, "you come and you use your political wisdom." There was a very limited legal role, "said Mr. Cuomo on Sunday." And a person acting outside his legal role should not be in that role. "

All (except, perhaps Republicans) declared Sunday's victory and, to a certain extent, everyone could do it

.Cuomo could claim victory for almost every priority he outlined in his state budget in January, he received a constant real estate tax limit, (limited) plan for public funding of campaigns and reform of the ward Avi. He could also put forward another peculiar budget, a special pride.

The majority of the Senate and the Assembly could reliably assert that they made this policy possible after many years of running its Republican Senate, and they are also likely to were not upset by an increase in wages of $ 10,000 that comes with a timely budget (although "timely" funds are the subject of some debate). Walking through the halls of the Capitol, meeting legislators and going to loud rallies, it would be possible to indicate concrete results

But the long-term power brokers of Albany also did not go empty-handed. They successfully talked with the sharia lawmakers and formulated a public funding program. Complete ethical reforms aimed at solving game-related scandals and the strengthening of freedom of information laws remain unresolved.

"This is a mixed bag," said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York. groups "A more open, long process would probably have given us a stronger result.

"But I do not want to undermine the fact that we at least talk about these things and at least move some reforms"

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