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5 Things to Know April 5th: Timthie Pictce's Case, Michael Cohen, The Philippines, Immigration, Corps

1. Case of Timthy Pittzen

A strange story that unfolded this week, has reached even more strange conclusion. DNA tests have confirmed that a young man wandering along the streets of Kentucky is not Timthy Pittzen, a boy from Illinois who disappeared at the time of his mother's suicide in 2011. Briand Rhine, 23, claimed that he was missing. escape from the kidnappers. An unexpected twist resumed the 8-year-old event and re-opened the old wounds for Timothy's seven. "It's devastating. It's like going through that day again," said Kara Jacobs, Aunt Timothy. "Timmoti's father is again devastated." It is unclear why Rhine appeared to Timothy, who was now 1
4 years old. However, records showed that Rhine has been released from jail in Ohio last month after the term of burglary and vandalism took place.

2. Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is probably not finished yet. In an attempt to remain in jail, former lawyer and presidential secretary of the president Donald Trump offers Democrats in Congress new information on the recently completed investigation in Russia. His lawyers told lawmakers on Thursday that Cohen found substantial files on the hard disk that might be useful to investigators. Cohen was sentenced in December to three years in custody for financial crimes, financial violations of election campaigning and false accusations. His lawyers said that Cohen should be postponed to access and view files. In addition, his attorneys asked leading Democrats about committees, where Cohen testified that he had voiced his cooperation in hopes of shortening his term. In his testimony on the Capitol Hill, Cohen accused Trump of financial fraud and directed payment of money to women who claim to do business. He provided documents confirming his claims, but since he was not fully prepared to consider his criminal behavior, the US Attorney's Office in Manhattan did not give him a cooperation agreement.

3. Philippines

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Douterte, has tightened the tension between the Philippines and China for land ownership in the South China Sea. During a speech on Thursday, Dürtt threatened to send troops to a "suicidal mission" if Beijing did not "free" the Titus Island, Manila, occupied. His harsh words came a few days after the Philippine Government argued that over the past months, 275 Chinese boats and ships had been spotted around the island. The South China Sea is one of the most controversial regions in the world and a critical transport lane. The Philippines and China, along with several other countries in the region, each claim to overlap parts.

4. Immigration

Trump faced another legal challenge to his extraordinary statement on the crisis on the southern border. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House of Representatives will file a lawsuit against Trump, arguing that his decision to transfer funds from the accounts to the southern border wall violates the provisions on the allocation of the Constitution. If you remember, the ugly stalemate between Trump and the Democrats over the proposed border wall led to the longest closure of the government in history, and then, after Trump, declared a national accident to secure billions of dollars in wall financing. In addition to this last potential suit by the chamber, the administration faces seven other legal challenges to statements by states, environmental groups and non-profit organizations

5. Kir

The threat of bark continues to spread across the country. In Sacramento, CA, the UC Davis Medical Center sent a letter to 200 people who visited him on March 17, stating that they may have been subjected to an extremely contagious illness. During the first three months of this year, 387 individual cases of measles were confirmed in 15 states. This is the second largest number of registered cases in the United States after measles was declared abolished in 2000. American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also state that six outbreaks identified as three or more are ongoing in four states: two in California and New York, one in New Jersey and the other in Washington.


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