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2019 NFL Mock Project: Giants take Dwayne Hashkins, Jaguars can not go to Kyler Murray, Dolphins sell for QB


Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio
On a command set full of openings, the crossroads of the edge are not at the top of the to-do list. However, it's hard to pass talent like Bose, who can take over the game. There is no offensive contractor worth taking this high and the cardinals find full recovery for less than a year after the hiring of Steve Willem and the development of Josh Rosen in the first round.


Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky
Is Josh Allen the best gap in the project? It will be resolved in the coming weeks and months, but nobody has done more for its shareholding than Allen, who returned to Kentucky for his senior season and left . After seven bags and 1

0.5 tackles in 2017, Allen received 10-15 pounds of mice and put 14 sacks and 18.5 tackles and was largely unblocked. 49ers need edge rusher and allen it.


Quinn Williams, DT, Alabama
Jets does not have a vivid need in the middle of his defense, but Williams is one man. He will win one by one almost every time and he regularly destroys double teams. So, pressure from the edge is important, but do not sleep at constant pressure upwards in the middle.


Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida
At 235-240 pounds, the concern is whether Burns is strong enough to play the next level, but Burns is not just speed a towel; He is also strong and has a stronger frame. The raiders should consolidate their position after Halil Macom's trade for the season and release Bruce Irwin in mid-2018.


Ed Oliver, DT, X'Juston
but he will have three techniques in the NFL – where he will continue to dominate. Bucs could move from Gerald McCoy and Oliver would be a surefire choice to replace it in the lineup.


Dwain Hashkins, Ohio, Ohio
Eli Manning may return in 2019, but giants do not convey a franchise counsel for two consecutive years. He tried only 40 passes before the last season, but Ohio's outstanding remains remains our main defender after the impressive 2018 campaign.



Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
We are not convinced that jaguars will take a postcard on Murray, but even if they finish with Nick Foles, how can you go through the most talented player in this project? ? Foles can play in 2019 and Jaguars may use Murray like Ravens used Lamar Jackson a season ago.


Mock trade with Lions

Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
Dolphins are moving further from Ryan Tannehill one way or another and they desperately need a defender. We love Kyler Murray to South Beach but with Murray already out of the board Dolphins goal Lock, who had a strong end to his senior season in Missouri.


John Williams, Oklahoma, Alabama
Will Williams have enough long hands to play in the NFL? So. It's hard to believe that this was the moment when Williams dominated the 2018 season. He will be a starter for the next decade, which is a great news for the second year of Defender Josh Allen, who spent most of his season as a rookie running for his life.


Byron Murphy, CB, Washington
With Drew Locke, and Joe Flecko instead of Case Keenum, Broncos concentrated on his defense. Byron Murphy is our first corner and he will join Chris Harris Jr. next season.


Cody Ford, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Andy Dalton and the Bengalese offense at best, when he has time to throw. The new coach Zack Taylor can make things easier by consolidating an offensive line that has not changed the level of the past season. Ford is a transformed guard who shone on the street in 2018.


Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan
Gary did not meet expectations in Michigan, but part of what might be accused of being he is unable to. Does he cross? Is he better inside? People close to him say that he is undoubtedly winning. With Clay Matthews, who is 32 years old, headed for a free agency Packers need a restock position.


Trouble trade with dolphins

Klelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson
Ferrell was one of the stars of the best defensive line in college football, and finished his junior season with 11.5 bags and 20 Loss Tools. There may be questions about its flexibility versus other first-round skip rushers but there's no denying its Clemson production. In fact, during the first fall of the 2018 season, Ferrell was among the top 10 players in the country in bags (5), hurries (12), falls (10), knockdown (5) and pressure (17).


Dalton Risner, O.L. Kansas Sent
Rysner had a fantastic week at Elder Bowl, and while he was destined to beat inside the NFL-perhaps even to the center-he showed during his career at college that he was very good at tackling too. In any case, Falcons should do better work in both pass defense (14, according to football Outsiders) and run the lock (24).


Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
Redskins need any offensive position, but with Alex Smith still recovering from a broken leg and reserving Colt McCoy, who left the year. , the depth of treatment to the defender is of paramount importance. Jones is a product of David Catcliffe, and he looks like this. There is a question about its accuracy, but he played the suspect's offensive line to the duke and did not have playkeys, say, Haskins, Blok and Murray.


team logo “/>

Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi
Mario Addison has 31 years and left only one year to his deal, and Julius Pepper has already resigned. The sweat that comes from a strong senior season has eased any fears about its ability to lean around the edge during the strong week of the Elder Bowl last month.


Д.К. Metcalf, RR, Ole Miss
Metcalf made a comparison with Josh Gordon, but without worry. If you want to replace Gordon's performance, why not go with a player that reminds you of him? Metcalfe is our widest receiver, and it can take over games.


Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida
Kirk Cousens was criticized last season. Some of them were honored, while many of them concerned the porous offensive line in front of him. Taylor is a monster in the game of the game, a wonderfully nuanced defender of transitions and a player who can go to the starting line from the first day.


Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma
Corey Davis is a big goal down, and Hollywood Brown can do everything else. Cousin Antonio Brown is one of the fastest, most courageous players in this class and will give Marcus Marioti another necessary weapon.


Devin White, LB, LSU
Stills needs help while driving and corner, but White is the best leader in this class and he will immediately have an impact on Pittsburgh.


Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
Williams' athleticism came out of this world, and when it is locked up, there is no one-corner adherent with more talented talent. But Williams needs to play with greater consistency and become a better jerk.


Kelvin Harmon, WR, North Carolina
The launch of the Crows game is already one of the best in the league. In order for Lamar Jackson to continue his development, the passing of the Voronov game should evolve. Adding Harmon, a playmaker at each level would make a great way to that.


Chris Lindstrom, OL, Boston College
Lindstrom was the dominant for BC during the 2018 season, he followed this with a very good senior cup, and he, rather than Everyone will create similar results at the plant later this month. Considering that Texans should better defend Deschan Watson, Lindstrom could be the beginning of the first day.


From Chicago

Devin Bush, LB, Michigan
The raiders had a mess on both sides of the last season, while Bush, the scorer, who also went to the side-speed, to strengthen the middle of defense.


Jachai Polite, EDGE, Florida
The flight was one of the most fascinating players we watched last season. There will be questions about its size (it's listed at 240) and its one year production, but if the teams are OK from both, it could be the top-15 choose.


Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware
Matt Eberflus turned Colts on a good defense in 2018. To move from good to great, Indy should add a few more, starting with safety. Adderley is a FCS product but it still is our number. 1 security after a strong season and an impressive Elder Bowl week.


From Dallas

T.J. Hawkinson, Tennessee, Iowa
Will Jared Cook be signed? And even if it is, then why not add it to the best in this project class. Hawkinson is a foggy end, which is a strong blocker, but even more a threat. It is a nightmarish match for any leader, almost any security, and many reverse turns.


Jerry Tiller, DT, Notre Dame
Tiller had a very good season in 2018 to fight the Irish, and when he typed it is difficult to block. Can he play with this sequence from one game to the next? This is what NFL teams will try to distinguish between now and the project.


Mac Wilson, LB, Alabama
Wilson is suitable for looking for NFL teams in today's line-of-form rival: it's fast, has a speed in the side line and is smart. But he sometimes struggles to get out of the blocks and may get lost in the mix if he is not in his game. There's plenty to like about Wilson but he needs to clean some things to ensure he's first-round choose.


from New Orleans

Noy Fan, T. E., Iowa
Jimmy Graham is not the player he once was, and if the packers will be a dynamic offensive team, we It's used to seeing Aaron Rogers the toughest athletic end of the project, it makes a lot of sense.


Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama
Raman needs help at high school, and Thompson has special physical skills. His production slipped at the end of the season – he was beaten several times in the national game against Clemson – but he remains one of the best defenses in this project and will raise the secondary character of LA.


team logo “/>

Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia
Quietly better runner in this class, Ridley (Calvin's brother) pulled out in Georgia for the last landing of Georgia and has meaning for patriots The team, where Chris Hogan, Caldarl Patterson and Philip Dorsett are sent to a free agency.

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