SportsPulse: Although Liberty and UC Irvine broke the brackets around the country, the Duke and Zion Williamson conducted their first test on the tournament. TRUST CRICK TODAY COURT DAY 2 and looks forward to Saturday's promotion.

Oh, madness. The 64 rounds of NCAA teams in the first round have been cut to 32 over the past two days and 16 games have been suffering enough frustration to break the brackets and leave us wanting more.

Here's a look at the 10th largest take-away from day 2:

1. Freedom was the Cinderella we were waiting for. After the first round of the Thursday that left us in the cinder club, we gave us the bracket we hoped for all this. Liberty Flames upset Mississippi to become the third seed number 12 to knock down the number 5. But it was as they did it, which gave them the best moment for the tournament. Berezniav's star Caleb Khomsley scored 22 of his 30th in the second half to help rally Freedom with a double-headed deficit. After Lowell Kabbil forced the famous three pointers to give his team 72-70 edges with 1:16 on the left, the senior guard was celebrating with a student section of Freedom – passing through the rough terrain from the University of Virginia.

Liberty Flames Guard Caleb Homsley 1) Lovel Kabbil Jr. (3) defends basketball against Mississippi state bulldogs during the second half of the NCAA 2019 tournament in the SAP center (Photo: Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports)

Whether Kabbil has found Homesley for back-slaughter or role-playing players who took funds and received blocks of great time, the last ninety minutes were the perfection of March's madness.

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Probably Mississippi was not a blue blood rival (doing their first tournament appearance since 2009), but their obvious advantages in size and athletic departments made bulldogs an ideal villain. And while we were expecting a more boring style from this defense-oriented team headed by coach Richie McKay (who was a former assistant in Virginia), these were unexpected offensive strikes that led to the victory of this program.

2. UC Irvine's day with a younger brother was just as epic. Earlier in the day, No. 13-seed Anteaters became the first lover of the day, knocking No. 4 Kansas State, a team that won the Great 12 and pushed for last year's Elite Eight. UC Irvine head coach Russell Turner told the story behind the scene after the first victory of his NCAA team: "UC Irvine, people, I do not know, live in the shade, live like little brothers to UCLA and (USC) and maybe some other, Cal, Stanford, San Diego State Maybe like little brothers Well, the little brother was in the bathroom, getting better, preparing for a chance like this.All of those teams that Turner said was home, while the average large Anteaters still dance.

UK Irwin also had his star with Max Hazzard (19 points), who drilled a buzzer with three pointers before half a time, and then with three dash indicators from 1:30. "The scene does not get much bigger than that," Hazzard said afterwards. No, it's not.


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3. San Jose had something in the water Both of the above disruptions occurred in San Jose, as well as expected Oregon Worries No. 5 in Wisconsin, when ducks continue to flourish as one of the hottest teams in the tournament that would not even have been here if they did not win. automatic Pac-12 Tournament rate. Three huge shocks in one day made San Jose a jackpot of all venues for fans who buy tickets and never know what they are.

4. Zion Williamson is undoubtedly the biggest star in the tournament. The Duke star's freshman exclaimed so loudly after his persistent raids in the first round won a NCAA tournament in North Dakota so that viewers across the country could hear (and feel) watching the game on CBS, 6-7, 285-pound force and passion forward. After the first half in the first half against the bison number 16 – only four in half – Williamson used the second half to show everyone who looks at this star (sorry, Ja Morant). Williamson, who finished 25 points in 12th-16th field goals, said after the game that coach Mike Krzhyshevsky told the team in the first half "just relax and play basketball Duke." Mission accomplished. Williamson and his player of the year are teammate R.J. Barrett (26 points, 14 rebounds) makes this team obsolete for surveillance – even against the lower opponent.

5. Virginia is not Virginia last year. This was a painful spell of déjà vu for the Virginia team that decided to silence doubt. Cavaliers let themselves intimidated by another inspired by Seed No. 16 in Gardner Webb, and their first half, which saw that they number six, halved, choked the country to repeat the story. But eventually the second half showed why this Virginia team is far from the one that was shocked by UMBC last year. De & # 39; Andre Hunter UVA (23 points) is the ultimate X-factor for this team, and Mamadi Diakite used his size to quickly break this game in the second half. Thus, the story goes on for the team that uses the Tony Bennett Packer Protection System and the system of patient attacks to win more sports teams: Can Virginia take revenge on last year's grief

What the All-American Kyle Gay said in November is still possible , more than ever: "It's good that they are going to make ESPN 30 for 30 (UMBC loss). We can do it better for us … For me, the national championship the only way to close all. "

6. Big Ten runs the tournament. The conference was 7: 1 in the first round only a year after the NCAA tournament had only four teams. According to ESPN Stats & Info, seven teams record the record for the first time installed by the Greater East in 2008 and 2011 for berths from one conference in the second round.

"This is the best league I've ever played in the Great Tenth this year. I can not explain how hard it was for a certain night," said Chris Holtmann, Ohio, after No. 11 took Buckeyes later I left for Iowa. Both the Iowa and Minnesota Seeds also beat the best teams, and the rest of the league (outside Wisconsin) beat its high-level opponent to go to the second round.

7. Texas Texas and Buffalo look like applicants for the West to Final Four. At first glance weak Cycling West continues to not look so weak with the first impressions from bedding. Texas Tech shook North Kentucky for 29 points, Jarrett Culver, while Buffalo dominated the first round of the opponent, Arizona, now both teams meet in the second round, and the winner is the threat of the last fourth

"We can play with anyone in the country," said Jeremy Harris, Guardsman of Buffalo after 91-74 defeated his team. "It's good to win, but we have not done it yet"

8. Tennessee looked beaten and dangerous; No. 10 Iowa seeds – the next. The volunteers scarcely ran out of Colgate's 15th occupation, which saw how they received memories of last year's distress at Loyola-Chicago as Seed No. 3. "I think the game, as it is today, is what makes the NCAA tournament a NCAA tournament," said coach Rick Barnes. True, but it also raises the question of whether the final team of this team – or even the Sweet 16 – is the same as advertised. While the thought going to the tournament that vols would receive a hard draw against Cincinnati in the second round, instead they will see the Iowa team that looked terribly impressive in removing the Bearcats.

9. The Houston Arrow of Corey Davis Jr. can relate his team to Sweet 16 and beyond. Guardian Cougars has exhausted six consecutive three pointers, finishing seven days a day in his shooting barrier, which encapsulates how well this team is X'Juston. Coach Kelvin Sampson said after the victory: "It is such a special group of children in terms of their training and leadership. We are moving towards the goal, this will happen on Sunday against Ohio."

10. Can the UFC make a challenge to the Duke? The Knights, another AAC black hat, took care of the business of scheduling VCUs in the first round of the season, but now they pull out the Duke on Sunday, could they hang with the highly-favored Blue Devils? Well, one thing is certain, and this what we will see are two other people